Secure the Blessings of Liberty

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If one would be required to sign an Informed Consent document to have a mole removed, how
could the Consent of the Governed be legally undermined through the deceptive practices of
prevaricating politicians that routinely target the voting public with misleading statements?
The abandonment of principle that has led to its surreptitious betrayal with respect to the
Doctrine of Original Intention makes the ‘originalist’ Justices look like walking contradictions.
Their efforts, to undermine government of, by, and for the people, are obvious to anyone who
values objective satisfaction over subjective gratification.

In the United States of America the Supreme Court represents what has been described as an
independent judiciary although it is clearly a product of political process. It should be clear by
now that an integrity compromised process yields an integrity compromised product. The
Court has, through its decisions, converted what media analyst Marshall McLuhan once
described as a whirlpool of information, into a cesspool of disinformation. In the wake of the
Dobbs decision, Justice Sotomayor questioned whether the Court could even survive the