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The School for Service to All

The Intellectual Disciplines (Category 200) at Ascension University include three sub-disciplines and each of those include three additional sub-disciplines:

Ignite Your Soul!

— 210 Scientific (The Finding of Facts)
——211 Physical Sciences
——212 Life Sciences
——213 Information Sciences

— 220 Philosophic (The Gleaning of Meanings)
——221 Venerable Philosophies
——222 Contemporary Philosophies
——223 Ascendant Philosophies

— 230 Religious (The Embrace of Values)
——231 Elemental Religions
——232 Fundamental Religions
——233 Experiential Religions

The School of Statesmanship

The School of Statesmanship at Ascension University is dedicated to understanding the qualities of leadership that support authentic democratic republics world-wide.