The Ascension Experience

To those who enjoy some level of spiritual discernment, the entire evolutionary panorama suggests we are all part of a beautifully designed ascension scheme. The Genesis command: ‘Be you perfect even as I am perfect’ can be understood in the way each of us, along with other complementary life entities, serve a vital function. Consider how the microbial biomass, within the soil, works tirelessly and perfectly to convert, whatever natural material falls to the surface, into what is needed below to support a successful harvest.

If we can just allow ourselves to look beyond the earth bound life sciences; a project for our spiritual elevation and a full complement of friendly ascendant souls comes into view. Like the microbes that amend the soil to support our physical growth, our heavenly helpers provide precisely what is needed along the way as we ascend through the universes of evolutionary and revelationary progression.


Spiritual growth is best facilitated through meaningful relationships. The ancients knew this, and their Sanskrit word namaste’ has been used throughout much of human history to mean ‘I honor the Spirit in you that is also in me.’ Just as two eyes favor depth perception, learning to see through the eyes of others can serve to enhance our depth of understanding in ways that benefit our fellow human beings as well as ourselves.

While there are undoubtedly many celestial activities that are well beyond the grasp of our mortal imaginations, if we remain forever teachable, we will most assuredly advance in the Godward ascent. Only then will we realize that even our understanding of citizenship has become increasingly cosmic in scope. We will also enjoy the transient satisfactions of relative maturity as we achieve new milestones and take on new responsibilities.

It is through such intellectual insights and spirit luminosity that we become more useful in helping to guide the evolution of human society here on earth. Although we still have more to learn and much work to do, we can effectively leverage this experience to support the natural outworking of our earthly problems, to foster true democratic republics, and to advance our civilization towards its ultimate destiny through an era of light and life.

Earthly Problems

We must realize only a demos that is truly multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial can legitimately lay claim to an idealistic group identity, such as that of a nation introducing itself to the world as ‘We the people.’ The sincerity of certain founders signing The United States Constitution, while suspect with respect to the inclusivity question, also makes the authenticity of such a democracy appear to be far from definite. Sociopathic notions of corporate personhood, that confer rights without responsibility, further diminish the authenticity of any democratic republic. That notwithstanding, greatly flawed men have set forth a vision that many around the globe have embraced. Perhaps new generations will simply call the bluff of disingenuous actors while working, locally and globally, to form more perfect unions.

On our tiny planet, as we circle one of many suns on the back road to Infinity, the ‘consent of the governed‘ has been held in high regard ever since Duns Scotus gave his lectures as a bachelor theologian at Oxford in the 1290s. His Ordinatio was later recorded as the Lectura. Then, even before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, John Wycliffe, in the preface to his 14th Century bible translation to Middle English, made it clear that the Christian Bible also advances ‘government of, by, and for the people.’

Humankind has long been actively engaged in working out its own destiny on earth. On the North American continent, the US Declaration of Independence borrowed from the Scotus Lectura to acknowledge the principle that ‘Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.’ In Eur-Asia, the Union Charter advanced similar fundamentals together with others articulated by Clarence K. Streit in his 1939 book Union Now. Streit articulated a practical plan for achieving world peace as he initiated the movement for a global federation of democracies, starting with the few that were then trending in that direction. Civil rights that place a premium on truth are now finally being considered. This timely proposal before the EU is based upon the book Every Man by Ferdinand von Shirach and it would simply prohibit the kind of systematic lies that are currently in vogue among integrity challenged politicians world wide.

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people can only be effective, serviceable, and preserved when the citizenry retains the means to guide and control public servants, including those who occupy high office. The survival of any constitutionally grounded democratic republic is dependent upon the quality of the electors as well as the elected. Whether the government reflects the will of the people is mostly determined by the character and caliber of those individuals the electorate selects to compose it. An intelligent electorate will choose only the most intellectually competent, socially loyal, and morally fit representatives that also possess the requisite technical skills.

Our Curriculum

Recycling negative energy to produce something positive for the individual and the group is at the heart of what we call the Quintessential Curriculum. Key to creating that proverbial rising tide that lifts all boats is an Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement (AEVIA). You may be a ditch digger whose fondest ambition is to climb the company ladder and become team leader for a group of people who jump on shovels for a living; you could be an intentional consumer that only buys from those businesses that exude the kind of spiritual idealism that can help the whole of society ascend from one level of attainment to the next; maybe you are a captain of industry that wants to transform your business into an engine of benevolence such as a benefit corporation that is employee owned; or perhaps you are a teacher that is working to inspire your students as they develop hearts for service. In each case your primary task is to help others as you and they move ever onward and upward.

We have been richly blessed with a divine privilege; of participating in the creation of one’s own individual destiny as well as that of our planet. First among those things essential to The Ascension Experience is worthy motivation. For each of us this is, in a certain way, wholly dependent upon serving the highest and best interests of each ascender. The Ascension University is therefore intensely focused upon the qualities that effect higher types of loyalty, that are essential for the kind of character building that fosters fidelity citizenship and true unadulterated statesmanship.

We are on a journey. Sometimes we need a short breathing spell and a pause in the ascent. During these precious times of reflection and refreshment, we may taste the sweetness of having reached our goal. For a brief time our horizons may stand still and we can share our personal experiences in ways that are carefully considered and meaningful to others. The Ascension Cafe is a place for the casual conversations that must occur between people of good will as we sort and sift through the ever widening range of ideas and ideals to be encountered along the way.