The Central and Superuniverses

PAPER 1: The Universal Father

PAPER 2: The Nature of God

PAPER 3: The Attributes of God

PAPER 4: God's Relation to the Universe

PAPER 5: God's Relation to the Individual

PAPER 6: The Eternal Son

PAPER 7: Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

PAPER 8: The Infinite Spirit

PAPER 9: Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe

PAPER 10: The Paradise Trinity

PAPER 11: The Eternal Isle of Paradise

PAPER 12: The Universe of Universes

PAPER 13: The Sacred Spheres of Paradise

PAPER 14: The Central and Divine Universe

PAPER 15: The Seven Superuniverses

PAPER 16: The Seven Master Spirits

PAPER 17: The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups

PAPER 18: The Supreme Trinity Personalities

PAPER 19: The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin

PAPER 20: The Paradise Sons of God

PAPER 21: The Paradise Creator Sons

PAPER 22: The Trinitized Sons of God

PAPER 23: The Solitary Messengers

PAPER 24: Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

PAPER 25: The Messenger Hosts of Space

PAPER 26: Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe

PAPER 27: Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim

PAPER 28: Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses

PAPER 29: The Universe Power Directors

PAPER 30: Personalities of the Grand Universe

PAPER 31: The Corps of the Finality

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