The word Urantia is formed from the elements uran (heavenly) + tia (place). The 196 Urantia Papers are composed of collected works by a variety of authors to form what is known as The Urantia Book. It has been described as a compendium with revelationary qualities, a handbook for our home planet, and a glimpse into some other heavenly places we are destined to traverse.

The collected works form a highly respected blend of science, philosophy, and religion. This trifurcation, stemming from the Enlightenment, presents science as the domain of facts, philosophy as the domain of meanings, and religion as the domain of values.

In a Paper titled The Later Evolution of Religion, the authors encourage us to augment our highest and best understanding of truth through a shared vision with this refreshing observation: “There is not a Urantia religion that could not profitably study and assimilate the best of the truths contained in every other faith, for all contain truth. Religionists would do better to borrow the best in their neighbors’ living spiritual faith rather than to denounce the worst in their lingering superstitions and outworn rituals.”