Definitions: (1) mental and emotional steadiness; (2) possessing mental or physical poise; (3) in a state or position of equilibrium or equal relationship; equipoise; (4) in harmony or proportion; (5) the ability to weigh opposing issues; deliberating or pondering ideas and coming to an overview position

See also: Symmetrical

Synonyms: adjusted, counterpoised, equalized

Admonition: If you are more introverted than extroverted, you may not find it easy to present yourself to the outside world. Conversely, the people who are extroverted can sometimes get lost in others, thus they may have a hard time knowing themselves. Strive for a balance: Introverted? share your inner world. Extroverted? meditate.

Comments:Balance doesn’t necessarily mean attaining an opposite quality. The opposite of freedom is slavery, but the balance to freedom includes both self-respect and respect for others. It does mean being integrated with compatible qualities.

• If your life is completely peaceful, you certainly should appreciate it while you can. Yet, if life gets too sedate, you should choose to challenge yourself. Get out into the world. Help somebody. This will give you a little something to push against. Conversely, if you’ve got too much tension and pressure, you have to reduce it. You can be too overwhelmed to properly grow in a manner appropriate to your nature and character.

Exercises: • Learn to ride a unicycle. It’s good for a change in your concept of what you can do. In order to feel a positive equilibrium while riding, you must stay in motion.

• Also try roller-skating, ice-skating, skiing, skateboarding, and bongo-boarding. Physical manifestations of balance can translate to emotional and spiritual revelations.

• Practice T’ai Chi Ch’uan; used mostly as an exercise to balance the energies.

Symbols: 1) Libra (zodiac);2) the number two; 3) the scales of justice; 4) the Wheel of Fortune (tarot)

Yin                              Yang

Feminine                     Masculine

Passive                        Active

Receptive                    Giving

Dark                            Light

Withdrawing                Advancing

Inhale                          Exhale

Heart                           Head