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POE Currency is usually various POE Orbs, such as Exalted Orb, POE Chaos Orb, etc. It is used to players Trade Items, Strengthens Equipment, Skill Gems, etc. Only when players have enough Path of Exile currency can have better gaming experience. However, in many cases, the player's POE currency is not enough, so they can use various methods to get the required PoE Currency .

Through mapping

You will need to make a single map over and over again. The map name is Burial Chambers. Why you have to farm this particular map? Because there is a chance to drop an item called The Doctor card. The card is needed for making the Headhunter belt. Such card costs around 20 exalted orbs. It is not the most efficient method of currency farming, but a very good one. Additionally, you gain good experience on this map, so you combine business with pleasure.

PoE Currency Flipping

If you prefer to flip currency, then you can do so if you do not have a lot of PoE currency to hand. If you have chaos orbs, then list them in the premium tab before setting the price as 700/100 for chromatic orb then buy it. You can then list a chromatic orb and set the price to 100/600 chaos orb then sell it to make a profit of 100 chromatic orbs for each PoE trade you do.

Endgame maps

As the name of this method suggests, it is primarily for high-level characters, but you should not really worry about farming exalted orbs while beginning your journey with Path of Exile. Even if some drop while you’re just clearing out mobs, you still should use them sparingly and wait till your char is a bit more leveled up.

So how to begin with map-farming and not lose hours trying? First of all, you need access to the Templar Laboratory, which becomes available after finishing Act 10. There, you need to place the map inside of a map device, which consumes the main item and creates a randomized instance, just like a dungeon in most online games. These maps, however, are a bit trickier.

The maps you can find along your journey come in different qualities, just like items. These rarities are normal, magic, rare, and unique. Maps also have their own special affixes, which make them usually more difficult, but also a lot more rewarding. The quality of a map can also be raised by using a Cartographer’s Chisel on it.

Divination Cards

Divination Cards

Some Exalted Orbs can be dropped from certain Divination Cards, they can be dropped on different maps, and cultivation in these places can obviously get spheres.

Even though it is unlikely that it will naturally fall, it is still possible to acquire and carry at least 5 x currency items.

The types and amounts of divination cards that can be exchanged for Exalted Orbs are as follows:

12 x The Hoarder give one Exalted Orb

10 x The Saint’s Treasure equal two Exalted Orbs

5 x Abandoned Wealth give three Exalted Orbs

7 x Alluring Bounty give ten Exalted Orbs

5 x Emperor’s Luck gives drops a random type of currency.


Crafting is an incredibly in-depth topic in POE, so we’re going to have to condense the topic down a bit for the purposes of this guide.

The general idea with crafting or selling items on the in-game market is split three ways in most cases. You’re either creating high-end items that top-tier players are buying copies of via Mirror services, you’re creating decent loot by modifying good base items, or you’re grabbing decent loot and selling it to the players who are not as far along in content as you. Most players will fall into the latter two categories as high-end crafting is very currency intensive. With that said, there are a few tricks to make easy currency throughout the course of a league.

To craft efficiently, you must learn how the modifiers on various items work, which is luckily something the POE community has already done for us.

Finally, Buy PoE Currency is very common in POE, and for some exiles who are good at computing, this is indeed an option to choose. Check out which gem is the most expensive, and put three of them into the secondary weapon, level it up and sell to other players, which could make some benefits for you. Sometimes, you could get even 15 Exalted Orbs for only one leveled POE skill gem, in a word, level up the gem to increase its quality by using gemcutter prism currency to sell. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can choose a reliable store, is a reliable poe currency store, cheap prices and fast delivery.

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As you probably know, there is no Gold or any other common PoE Orbs in Path of Exile. Orbs are viewed as the official PoE Currency, which can be accepted in exchanges for each of the products, such as one of the most important ones. Exalted Orbs are exceptionally rare currency products, which play a top role in Path of Exile economy. They are particularly uncommon, and worthwhile, generating them one of the most sought-after currency items inside the game. In this article, I will show vendor recipes which will help in getting PoE Exalted Orbs considerably faster.

Mapping a Map

Here’s the basic idea:

Apply Chisels to the map, in this case T2 Tower, until it’s at 20% Quality.

Apply at least one Delirium Orb to the map.

Apply an Alchemy Orb to upgrade it to Rare.

If you got a Beyond mod (Nemesis can work too) on the Rare, you’re good to go. If the Map doesn’t have either a Beyond or Nemesis, use an Orb of Scouring and reapply the Alchemy. Make sure to check for dangerous mods like Reflect or No/Reduced Recovery.

If you still don’t have Beyond, some Leagues will have Beyond as a Map Craft in the Device. The Beyond in Ritual is 5 Chaos.

Divination Cards

Some Exalted Orbs can drop from certain Divination Cards, like Abandoned Wealth Wealth, the Hoarder, which can drop in different maps, farming on those locations may ostensibly gain the orbs.

Even though it’s not any more likely than it dropping naturally, but it’s also possible to get and bring at least 5 x currency items.

The types of divination cards which could exchange Exalted Orbs and the amount are the following:

12 x The Hoarder give one Exalted Orb

10 x The Saint’s Treasure equal two Exalted Orbs

5 x Abandoned Wealth give three Exalted Orbs

7 x Alluring Bounty give ten Exalted Orbs

5 x Emperor’s Luck give drops random type of currency.

Flip and trade Currency

Flip is rough on newbies, even more so on std. New leagues are always best. Set up a trade tab or trade shop and sell shit. Read up on meta items to know how to price or know what to collect and sell.

  1. You can observe the various data transaction status via PoE.NINJA.
  2. You should follow some influential gaming Youtubers posted some PoE Builds related videos. If that video tends to go viral, that means the Gems of the equipment needs to create that build might be increased in price.
  3. Usually, Path of Exile has a new season every three months. After the season, Currency will be transferred to Standard, therefore, you must know the demand situation in different periods. Generally speaking, PoE Currency is more expensive in the early stage of a particular season, and then it goes cheaper and cheaper as the season hits to an end.

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