Composition 2

The qualities you have chosen to represent the complete concept of God make it possible to construct a sense of what he would have done - given the qualities he has (according to your first set of choices) in some given circumstances.

Write a composition addressing the following questions - always keeping in mind ALL of the qualities you have identified as his basic and primary nature and attributes.

Presupposing one of your qualities is "Creativity," then God, as the creator would have made certain fundamental decisions to begin and uphold his creation. What decisions would he have made and do they support the model of the creation we see in existence? What was his goal and motivation for beginning the finite reality? Modern optics have expanded the number of galaxies from less than a dozen in the 1960's to 100's of millions now. Why did he create such a big place? Are there other human (or some different type of) beings out there? If so, are they working to grasp the magnitude of God and the universe from their perspective? What do you think is the future of the creation? Does God have a grand plan?

If in the course of your thinking and writing you discover you did not take into account a critical quality you should have included on your list of God's attributes, add it. If you have a contradictory or seemingly cross-purposes set of qualities, resolve the conflict. (Note: This is why I have not included any negative qualities. For instance if you insisted that God is vengefully wrathful at the same time he is purely loving, you have designed a schizophrenic god. On the absolute level he cannot be both.)

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