God Decided

This poem, written by Jim Downs using the qualities on The Nature and Attributes of God Chart - 02/17/07, is an example for the composition assignment. Use the qualities you have chosen to put on your "God Is" Chart. See "Composition" for instructions.


God decided to be the uncaused cause of a majestic expansion of Himself.
God’s motive is absolute love.
God is our Universal Father and our providential Mother.
We are all brothers and sisters in his vast family.
God is sublimely generous as he shares his gifts with all who will serve.

God is self-aware of all his perfect attributes.
Since he is all-wise, his qualities have an all-encompassing unity and are in perfect harmony.
His mind is infinite and his law is infallible.
God’s integrity is beyond reproach.
He is trustworthy and consistent.
Because God is an everywhere spirit he is engaged in all life. He is life.
God sees all, knows all and transcends all.
The Father is worthy of contemplation and emulation. He deserves veneration.
He is the one great mystery and yet he is touchingly intimate with each of his children.
He is omnipotent and yet He is as approachable as a dazzling sunset.
God is eternally changeless but his divine will is versatile in all that needs adjusting.
He upholds the stars in the heavens and the electrons in their place.
He insures the coming together of everything and everyone to form a cohesive single reality

He bestows himself to us in order that he may reveal his sublime value to us.
God is central to all identity.
He is thoughtful of all our needs.
When we ask, he is there as a helper.
When we grieve, he is there as a comforter.
When we wonder, he is our illuminator.
When we are boring he invites us to seek something interesting.
When we need security, he is our protector even our savior.
When we are lost, he shows us the light and says this is the way.
When we are alone, he holds us gently and gives us peace.
We can count on God being a pure and stable source of grace.
He has organized the righteous road for us to take to reach him.
His justice is objective and inevitable yet he is patient, fair, and kind.
His mercy is personal and positive.
He is an understanding sovereign and yet a faithful friend.
He responds to our sincere prayers and reads the heart of our petitions.
When we decide to be like him, he inspires our progress and insures our destiny.

His thought is the pattern upon which all things are formed.
He is the force behind all energy.
He is the source of all prime reality: matter, mind, and spirit.
God is the glorious creator of all that is true, beautiful, and good.

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