Build your "God Is" list

Make a list of the qualities you think God possesses.You should have already read the Nature and Attributes of God Glossary, but do not peruse the list of additional possible qualities for God until you have made your initial list from your own mind and heart.

You may begin this list with traditional words like omnipotent, but be sure to think about each attribute and agree that it makes sense to you. You may continue with the qualities you have heard are part of God from your social religion. Again, do they make sense to you? Then search your heart and look for those qualities you know He must have.

This may be a long list. It will probably contain similar qualities, even synonyms. This is good. But later on you will want to make it more manageable by grouping them under one heading. For instance, if you include good, kind, benevolent, etc., leave those on your initial list but pick the one which best describes the highest among them yet still includes all of them.

These are all simply word symbols. But they do represent real values he possesses. Everything, it is said, comes from God. Therefore all manner of positive qualities could, and rightly should, be attributed to his nature. It is up to you to decide which of these best fits your current idea of him. At the end of this lesson or next year, or even a decade from now, you should pick up this list again. Edit and re-sort it to suit the insights you will have achieved by then. God does not change but you will continue to grow.

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