A Priori Assumptions

All Reality begins with an a priori assumption, a supposed foundation of a “self-evident proposition.” The materialist’s a priori assumptions make sense, within the realm of the physical. This is the level of logical uniformity (facts vs. fiction). But there is an a prior assumption upon which these material assumptions are based. All facts have an imbedded a priori assumption that they must “make sense.” This is the realm intellectual logic, moving into the realm of reason, the recognition of right vs. wrong. Therefore the mindal a priori assumption that reality will make sense become the new, more fundamental, a priori. But then one must move down (or up) once again to an even more essential a priori supposition. That is that things not only must, can, and do make sense but also that there is, in fact, a value as a root in the sense making – something that is recognized as “good.” Therefore the value of goodness imbues “making sense-ness” with rightness. Therefore the ‘factness’ of the material and moral a priori assumptions now have a foundation upon which to stand. Consequentially, primal assumptions must be value based.

Taking this one step further. The concept of value can exist in and of itself but we know it to exist with and in persons. We may postulate that personhood or personality is a consequence of value or vice versa – we may not be able to find which is the source. But it may not matter. The fact of experiential person-ness is enough for us to ask if personality exists. {We know that the fundamental reality of an a priori assumption is that it is “presupposed by {personal} experience”.} We can of course deny that personality exists, which leads down a whole other road, but if we grant the a priori assumption that personality exists and since we also grant that value exists, and we can see that persons and values are associable (intrinsically or by choice), then we can possibly postulate that there was/is a Person/Value as The Source of Reality.

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