The Book

My book titled The Nature and Attributes of God was self-published in August 2006 with a full update in 2013.

It seems obvious now that I should have been more curious about the most important person in the universe long before I wrote this book. I had always believed in God; had thought about him and prayed to him - all of the usual things a person does. But it finally dawned on me he is the only reason we exist and the only possibility of our immortal survival.

I also wrote The Book of Positive Qualities, published by Warner Books in 1996. As I was gathering the list of Positive Qualities to put in the that book (and on the accompanying chart) there were a list of qualities I set aside as "Divine Qualities." Many qualities we can share with a Divine Being (to some degree) - Love, Personhood, Harmony, etc. And there are several qualities we cannot even begin to approach to live - Providence, Transcendence, Absoluteness, etc. But some we even have a hard time conceptualizing - Infinite, Omniscient, Uncaused, etc.

The Nature and Attributes of God book includes an introduction, quotes about God by wise people and different religious traditions, the definitions of the qualities I chose to put on my "God Is" chart, a list of 1,000 possible qualities to contemplate and to use in making your own list and chart, and more. (Many, but not all, of these are included in the class material.)

This class is an opportunity for you to explore for yourself who God is. I can tell you from personal experience it is well worth the effort and will undoubtedly change your outlook on God, your current life, your destiny, and probably even the nature of reality.

Welcome to The Nature and Attributes of God class at Ascension University.

Jim Downs

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