The Great Crescendo

The Master said: "This is my command; that you love one another, even as I have loved you."  With this statement Jesus forever stands as the gold standard for the golden rule.


In order to truly understand this admonition to ‘do to others that which you desire others to do to you,’ together with the Jesusonian upgrade, we must consider distinct levels concerning the present day application of the Golden Rule. These include:

1. The level of the flesh. Glamorizes the purely selfish and lustful interpretations promoted by a "do one another" culture.

2. The level of the feelings. Indulges the emotionally immature through forms of sympathy and pity that can become highly addictive and yielding various forms of co-dependency.

3. The level of mind. Leverages the intelligence of experience to produce a profound self-respect that benefits and frees both the giver and the receiver.

4. The level of brotherly and sisterly love. Recognizes the transforming power of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood / sisterhood of humankind to yield an unselfish devotion expressed through wholehearted social service.

5. The moral level. Idealizes human relationships through highly philosophic levels of interpretation that favor the application of wisdom in the adjustment to all life situations.

6. The spiritual level. Embraces the spirit insight and spiritual interpretation honoring the divine command to treat all others as we conceive God would treat them.

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