The History of Urantia

PAPER 57: The Origin of Urantia

PAPER 58: Life Establishment on Urantia

PAPER 59: The Marine-Life Era on Urantia

PAPER 60: Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era

PAPER 61: The Mammalian Era on Urantia

PAPER 62: The Dawn Races of Early Man

PAPER 63: The First Human Family

PAPER 64: The Evolutionary Races of Color

PAPER 65: The Overcontrol of Evolution

PAPER 66: The Planetary Prince of Urantia

PAPER 67: The Planetary Rebellion

PAPER 68: The Dawn of Civilization

PAPER 69: Primitive Human Institutions

PAPER 70: The Evolution of Human Government

PAPER 71: Development of the State

PAPER 72: Government on a Neighboring Planet

PAPER 73: The Garden of Eden

PAPER 74: Adam and Eve

PAPER 75: The Default of Adam and Eve

PAPER 76: The Second Garden

PAPER 77: The Midway Creatures

PAPER 78: The Violet Race After the Days of Adam

PAPER 79: Andite Expansion in the Orient

PAPER 80: Andite Expansion in the Occident

PAPER 81: Development of Modern Civilization

PAPER 82: The Evolution of Marriage

PAPER 83: The Marriage Institution

PAPER 84: Marriage and Family Life

PAPER 85: The Origins of Worship

PAPER 86: Early Evolution of Religion

PAPER 87: The Ghost Cults

PAPER 88: Fetishes, Charms, and Magic

PAPER 89: Sin, Sacrifice, and Atonement

PAPER 90: Shamanism -- Medicine Men and Priests

PAPER 91: The Evolution of Prayer

PAPER 92: The Later Evolution of Religion

PAPER 93: Machiventa Melchizedek

PAPER 94: The Melchizedek Teachings in the Orient

PAPER 95: The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant

PAPER 96: Yahweh -- God of the Hebrews

PAPER 97: Evolution of the God Concept Among the Hebrews

PAPER 98: The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident

PAPER 99: The Social Problems of Religion

PAPER 100: Religion in Human Experience

PAPER 101: The Real Nature of Religion

PAPER 102: The Foundations of Religious Faith

PAPER 103: The Reality of Religious Experience

PAPER 104: Growth of the Trinity Concept

PAPER 105: Deity and Reality

PAPER 106: Universe Levels of Reality

PAPER 107: Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters

PAPER 108: Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters

PAPER 109: Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creature

PAPER 110: Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals

PAPER 111: The Adjuster and the Soul

PAPER 112: Personality Survival

PAPER 113: Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

PAPER 114: Seraphic Planetary Government

PAPER 115: The Supreme Being

PAPER 116: The Almighty Supreme

PAPER 117: God The Supreme

PAPER 118: Supreme and Ultimate -- Time and Space

PAPER 119: The Bestowals of Christ Michael

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