The Local Universe

PAPER 32: The Evolution of Local Universes

PAPER 33: Administration of the Local Universe

PAPER 34: The Local Universe Mother Spirit

PAPER 35: The Local Universe Sons of God

PAPER 36: The Life Carriers

PAPER 37: Personalities of the Local Universe

PAPER 38: Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe

PAPER 39: The Seraphic Hosts

PAPER 40: The Ascending Sons of God

PAPER 41: Physical Aspects of the Local Universe

PAPER 42: Energy -- Mind and Matter

PAPER 43: The Constellations

PAPER 44: The Celestial Artisans

PAPER 45: The Local System Administration

PAPER 46: The Local System Headquarters

PAPER 47: The Seven Mansion Worlds

PAPER 48: The Morontia Life

PAPER 49: The Inhabited Worlds

PAPER 50: The Planetary Princes

PAPER 51: The Planetary Adams

PAPER 52: Planetary Mortal Epochs

PAPER 53: The Lucifer Rebellion

PAPER 54: Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion

PAPER 55: The Spheres of Light and Life

PAPER 56: Universal Unity

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