Additional possible qualities of God

Abiding Able Above all Absolute Abundant Accepting Accessible Accommodating Accurate Acme Activator Active Actor Actualized Actualizing Adaptable Adept Adjuster Administrator Admirable Adorable Aesthetic Affable Affectionate Affirming Agape Ageless Agreeable Aiding Alert Alive All in all All-embracing All-inclusive All-knowing All-loving All-merciful All-pervasive All-powerful All-prevailing All-producing All-purposeful All-reaching All-seeing All-wise Alluring Almighty Altruistic Amazing Amiable Amicable Ancestor-source Antecedent Anywhere Appealing Appraiser Appreciable Appreciative Appropriate Approving Arresting Artistic Assiduous Assisting Assurance Assured Astonishing Astounding Attainable Attentive Attracting Attractive August Authentic Authoritative Authority Autonomous Available Aware Awesome

Balance Beatific Beginningless Believable Beloved Benefactor Beneficent Beneficial Benevolent Benign Best Beyond Big-hearted Blameless Blessed Boundless Bountiful Breathtaking Bridge Brightness Brilliance

Capable Captivating Careful Caretaker Caring Cause of causes Ceaseless Celebrated Celestial Certainty Changeless Charismatic Charitable Charm Cherished Clarity Classy Clean Clear Clement Co-ordinate Cogent Cognizant Coherent Cohesive Colorful Comforting Commander Commanding Commendable Commiserative Committed Communicative Companionable Compassionate Compatible Compelling Compensator Competent Complete Complex Composure Comprehending Comprehensive Concerned Conciliatory Confidence Congenial Congruous Connected Conscience Conscientious Conscious Conservator Considerate Consistent Consolidated Consonant Constancy Constructive Contactable Continuity Continuous Controller Convincing Cooperative Coordinator Correct Cosmic Courteous Creation Credible

Dauntless Dazzling Death defeater Decent Dedicated Deep Defender Deft Deity Deliberate Delicate Delightful Deliverer Dependable Deserving Desirable Desire Determined Devoted Dignified Dignity Diligent Direct Directing Direction Director Discernible Discerning Discriminating Distinct Distinguished Distributor Diverse Divine Dominant Dutiful Dynamic

Effective Efficient Effulgent Elastic Electrifying Elegant Elevating Eminent Empathetic Encircuiting Encompassing Encouraging Endearing Endless Enduring Energetic Energy Engaging Engrossing Enjoyable Enshrined Enticing Entrancing Enveloping Equanimous Equilibrium Equitable Essential Esteemable Esteemed Estimable Ethereal Ethical Evaluator Even‑tempered Evenhanded Eventuating Ever-abiding Ever-leading Ever-expanding Ever-full Ever-near Ever-present Ever-willing Everlasting Everything Everywhere Evident Exact Exalted Excellence Excellent Exceptional Exciting Exclusive Executing Executive Exemplary Existential Exists Expediter Expert Expressive Exquisite Extraordinary

Fabulous Familial Fantastic Far-flung Far-reaching Farsighted Fascinating Fatherly Father-Absolute Father-Infinite Faultless Fear destroyer Final Findable Finder Fine Finesse Firm First Fitting Fixed Flair Flawless Flexible Flourishing Focalizer Forbearing Force-energy Forceful Foreknowledge Foremost Foresight Foresighted Forethoughtful Forever Forgiving Form Forthright Fostering Foundation Fraternal Free Free willed Freethinking Fresh Friend Fullness Fundamental

Generator Generosity Generous Genuine Gifting Giver Giver of hope Giving Glory Glowing Good‑humored Good-natured Good Goodhearted Governing Governor Graced Graceful Gracious Grand Grandeur Granter of rest Gravity Great spirit Guardian Guiding

Hallowed Harmonious Healer Healing Hearer Heart Heedful Helpful Hero Heroic High‑minded Highest Holistic Holy Honest Honor Honorable Hope Hospitable Humorful Hypnotic

I AM Idea Ideal Illustrative Illustrious Imaginative Imitable Immaculate Immanence Immeasurable Immensity Immortal Immutable Impartial Imparting Impeccable Impenetrable Imperial Imperishable Imponderable Important Impressive Improving Impassible Imperishable In charge In control In touch Inaugurator Incisive Incomparable Incorruptible Incredible Indefatigable Independent Indestructible Indispensable Indissoluble Individual Individualistic Indivisible Indomitable Indwelling Ineffable Inevitable Inexhaustible Influential Informative Ingenious Ingenuous Initiator Innocent Innovative Insightful Instructive Integrated Integrator Intelligence Intelligent Intelligible Interested Interpreter Intriguing Intrinsic Invaluable Inventive Invincible Inviolate Invulnerable Irrepressible Irreproachable Irresistible

Joy Judge Judgment Judicious Justice

Keeper Kindness King Knowledge Knowledgeable

Laudable Lavish Lawgiver Lawmaker Leader Leading Liberal Liberating Liberator Life-giver Likable Linking Listener Lively Living Lofty Logical Long‑suffering Lord Lovable Love-dominated Lovely Loving Loving-kindness Loyal Luminous Lustrous

Magnanimous Magnetic Magnificent Maintainer Maker Manager Mandator Manifest Many-sided Marvelous Master Masterful Matchless Maternal Matter‑of‑fact Meaning Measureless Mediator Melodious Memorable Mercy Mesmerizing Methodical Meticulous Mighty Minded Mindful Minister Ministering Miraculous Moderating Monarch Moral Motherly Motion Multidimensional Multifaceted Munificent Music Mystery

Natural Near Necessary Never-beginning Never-ending New Nexus Nice Noble Noble-minded Notable Noteworthy Nourishing Nucleus Numinous Nurturing

Observant Omneity Omnibenevolence Omnicorporeal Omniferous Omnific Omnipatient Omnipercipient Omnipersonal Omniprevalent Omnispective Omnitemporal Open Open-hearted Open‑minded Opener Openhanded Ordainer Order Organized Origin Original Originator Outstanding Overcontroller Overflowing Overshadowing Oversoul Overspreading

Paragon Paramount Pardoning Parental Participative Paternal Patience Peace Peerless Perceptive Perfector Permanent Perpetual Perseverance Persistent Personable Personality Perspective Perspicacious Perspicuous Persuasive Pervasive Planner Pleasant Plenipotent Plentiful Pliable Poetic Poised Polite Ponderable Potent Potential Power Powerful Practical Pragmatic Praiseworthy Prayer listener Pre-existent Precious Precise Preeminent Premier Prepared Preparer Prescient Presence Present Preserver Preserving Presiding Prestigious Prevailing Priceless Primal Primordial Principle Principled Pristine Probity Process Productive Proficient Profound Progenitor Prolific Prominent Promise  filler Proper Propitious Protective Protector Provident Providential Provider Prudent Purposeful

Quality Quiescence Quintessential

Radiant Rational Ravishing Reason Reassurance Reasonable Receptive Reciprocal Rectitude Reflective Refreshing Refuge Regal Regardful Regenerative Rehabilitator Reigning Rejuvenative Relationship Reliable Reliever Remarkable Renewing Renowned Replete Reputable Resilient Resolute Resourceful Respect Respectable Resplendent Responder Responsible Restorative Restorer Resurrector Retriever Revealer Revelation Revered Rewarder Right Royal Ruler

Sacred Sacrosanct Safety Sagacious Salvation Sanctity  Satisfaction Satisfier Satisfying Saving grace Saving Scrupulous Security Sedulous Self‑accepting Self-acting Self-adjusting Self-caused Self-composed Self-conscious Self-contained Self-controlled Self-correcting Self-determined Self-disclosing Self-distributive Self-evident Self-existent Self-expansive Self-experiential Self-generative Self-governing Self-knowing Self-limiting Self-moved Self-perpetuated Self-personalized Self-possessed Self-projected Self-purposive Self-realizing Self-respecting Self-sufficient Self-willed Selfless Sensible Sensitive Serene Service Serving Shaping Sheltering Shepherd Shining Sin destroyer Sincerity Singular Skillful Smart Smooth Softhearted Solicitude Solid Soothing Soul spark Speaker Special Spiritizer Spiritual Spiritualizing Splendid Splendor Spontaneity Spotless Stable Stalwart Stationary Steadfast Steady Stick-to-itive Stimulating Straightforward Strength Stunning Stupendous Sublime Subtle Superadditive Superb Supereminent Superfinite Superior Supermortal Supernal Supernatural Supersoul Superultimate Supervising Supervisor Supple Support Supporter Supportive Supreme Sure Surpassing Sustainer Sustaining Symmetry Sympathetic Sympathy Synthesizing Systematic

Tact Tactful Teacher Tenacious Tender Tenderhearted Terrific Thankworthy Therapeutic Thinking Thorough Thought Thrilling Timeless Tireless Tolerant Total Touching Tranquil Treasured Trinity Triumphant True Trusting

Ubiquitous Ultimate Unadulterated Unbiased Unbounded Uncaused cause Unchallengeable Unchangeable Unconditioned Undeniable Undiluted Undiminished Undivided Unending Unequaled Unerring Unfailing Unfathomable Unfettered Unified Unifier Unifying Unimpeachable Unique Unlimited Unmatched Unqualified Unrivaled Unsearchable Unselfish Unspoiled Unstoppable Unsurpassed Untiring Untainted Untrammeled Unvanquishable Unvarying Uplifting Upright Upstanding Urging

Valid Valuable Veracious Victorious Vigilant Vindicator Virtuous Vital Vivifier

Warmhearted Watchful The way The will The word Well-being Whole Wholesome Willing Wise With us Within us Wonderful Wondrous Worshipful Worthy


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