Subjective vs. Objective

Your subjective reality does not create God but you can tap into the Objective reality because your subjective reality is connected to the Objective One. We cannot really know God if there are no links from the subjective to the Objective. God can be known because he wants to be, because all reality comes from God, because …. (add your own reasons).


A) The physical, mental, spiritual, and personal levels of reality

Humans are surrounded by two things: animate and inanimate reality. It is no wonder we reference reality in relation to what we experience. And since we experience ourselves as being mostly physical, we tend to identify with physical reality – at first.

Picture the self as a smaller circle in the middle of a bigger circle. The second, larger, circle is reality impinging upon the essential self. Reality can be divided up any way you want it to be. Most people give over a very high percentage of the reality circle to the physical. And their actions, reactions, choices, and focus tend to identify with pleasure, power, money, and all things physical. But they know the mental, spiritual, and personal levels, even if minimized, are also a part of reality; they sense, and often experience, these other levels within themselves.

Some folks are naturally inclined to give more mind space to one of the other three, but we all have some relationship to all four. The ideal would be to have the personality be the Primary Overcontroller of our relationship with the physical, mental, and spiritual identities. Personality is designed to be a natural sorter and harmonizer.


B) Are subjective reality and objective reality connected?

Physical reality exists. Since it does we are driven to ask why. The current common scientific answer is that it came out of an unidentified source called the Big Bang. Another is that since it is harmonized so beautifully, it was created by a Divine Designer. We, then, are connected to God via the creature-Creator connection.

If we decide the starting point of physical reality is the big bang and ignore the obvious sourcing question of where the Big Bang came from, then we have hit on the ‘uncaused cause’ theory of reality which is the same argument for God in that He is the Uncaused Cause – only with God we at least have a person with divine qualities beginning all reality. All the Big Bang has going for it is the curiosity of the fact of the Unknowable.

We have brains (matter) as well as minds (non-matter). Every person dreams and experiences flights of fancy and other imaginative, even creative, mental behaviors. These are not, in and of themselves, proof of the existence of the mind. They have been argued to be nothing more than the chemistry of the brain, nevertheless many recognize these insights as some proof for mindal activity. The mind would also explain a great deal about what seems to be our non-physical or possibly trans-physical experiences. The mind is a mid phase of reality. It sits upon and interfaces with the physical brain. And its upper borders touch spiritual values, thus the physical is connected with the spiritual through the mind.

We have Spirit. This again can be denied but it is a bit easier to explain. All spirit is qualitative. Therefore if love, truth, beauty, goodness, (all positive values) exist, then these either have a personal source or not. It is again possible to leave their existence hanging in the realm of the unknowable or we can assign their existence to a being who would naturally possess them: God. And since we also experience them, we know of their existence in our souls. Our connection to and with God is directly proportionate to the quantity of these qualities we possess.

We have personality. This word has been boiled down in the modern lexicon to mean a collection of genetic or learned behaviors. But I am using it as the fundamental characteristic of one’s personhood, especially vs. an animal or inanimate object. Personality may be the most profound of all of the connections in that it is felt and experienced internally and as a foundation of our essence. And it is our personality (in conjunction with our mind, soul, and spirit) which connects us most directly to the source of personality, God.

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