God’s relationship to religion

Religion vs. Revelation & Types of Religion

1. Evolutionary Revelation

Bottom-up – what Humans can figure out on their own.
Human duty leads to ethics and morals.
Human conscience: fundamental recognition of right and wrong eventually stabilizes as Traditional Institutional Religions

2. Institutional Religions

Any formal religion. Examples: Any sect of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Baha’i, Jainism, Sikhism, etc.

3. Revealed Religion

This is Top-down revelation.
Information (Truth) from outside sources who are in the know: God and his agents, prophets, enlightened souls, angels, and other higher beings.

4. Types of Revelation

How to tell if a revelation/religion is true, false or incomplete.

All truth manifests positive results; it can be judged by the fruits it produces: more peace, better relationships, clearer communication, higher civilization, etc. These are, of course, long range measures. We are an impatient bunch and want the answers to what is true now, but this is a good starting point. We can study history and see what our ancestors have wrought. All of their significant actions were based on passionately held beliefs.

If a fact cannot be outlived or used up, then it may be a truth and not just a fact. If a fact is inherently good then it may be the truth. Example: The existence of God.

5. Auto Revelation

Auto: Definition: self

Revelation: Definitions: 1) bringing into view or making known; 2) something that is exposed or discovered, especially an enlightening or astonishing disclosure which is often a pleasantly instructive surprise

All learning is revelatory. Reading, parental instruction, teacher to student training, videos, play, hands on experimentation, reflection, imaginative creativity, etc. All scientific (fact based) discoveries are revelatory. They are static until they are updated to a new stasis.

Facts are conditioned by time and space; are relative cosmic concepts; can be synchronized with truth (values) to harmonize as reality.

Truth is living, dynamic, adaptable, expansive, objective, timeless, symmetrical, coherent, basic to both science and philosophy, experiencible, real, and valuable.

All truth is revelatory.

Truth is auto-revelation if it emerges from the God within (not the god within). Truth is Epochal if it is objective and delivered by a prophet of God, a person, or an unseen agent of God – usually an angel.

Being open is the best way to receive auto-revelation.

Listen with an open heart.
Look for opportunities to do good.
If it is good (true or beautiful), then it is Godlike.

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