Concerning the fact of God

The fundamental acceptance of the fact of God’s existence is essential before one can proceed – very far. I can see there will be a, possibly large, segment of our earthy population who will be surprised when they wake up on the other side. This may be enough for many of them to accept the existence of God. At minimum the fact of their continued existence will give them enough evidence to agree there is more to reality than they had assumed (even up to the point of their death) while they were on Earth. But it may not be enough for some (and not only atheists) because they will still not be face to face with The Divine Being. Sure there will be angels and other superior beings, and they will all be working with the foundation of God as a fact, but humans are a stubborn and independent lot – even those who are not from Missouri.

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, 7:45 PM