The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) reality without prior source; self-existent; (2) the primal being in existence before the beginning; not created; (3) self-caused reality; the initiator; (4) never beginning but lasting forever; self-perpetuated; (5) the genesis of reality; self-generative; (6) The first cause producing original effects; free from inheritance derived from antecedent causation

Comment: There is great value in pondering the unponderable when it has to do with God because something is always revealed, some new insight is realized. The deepest mysteries remain hidden but the act of seeking is the key to discovery. Since what is to be discovered is limitless and because the source is extravagantly generous, the revelation of some piece of the puzzle is always forthcoming.


Definitions: (1) knowledgeable; discerning; (2) the source of the power and ability to think and to know; intelligent judgment; (3) friendly or harmonious relationship; an agreement in feeling; (4) helpful in the adjusting of differences; (5) fully aware of meanings and implications; (6) patient and tolerant of growth; sympathetic

Comment: To understand is literally to stand under. In this way God is the one who supports all reality with his empathetic knowledge.


Definitions: (1) perfect integration and continuity of the original plan and singular Divine purpose; holistic; (2) in complete agreement; of one sentiment; (3) in accord; having one objective: loving service; (4) changelessness of intent; versatility and unanimity in action; (5) a total greater than the sum of its parts; (6) exceptionally well thought out; inclusive of all for all time; (7) unable to be improved upon; undiluted; undivided


• When God assesses himself in his infinite realm, he recognizes One Being. Think of a sphere made of a series of perfectly connected hoops. Each ring is a different aspect of deity. From the outside we see many aspects. From the inside, he experiences himself as Unity.

• We know God is a single and unified Being. Yet when we look at him from our finite state, we see him expressing himself in all of his differing manifestations. There is simply too much God for us to take into mind as an infinite whole; we see only some of his “parts.” It will take a long time for us to integrate them all. The key to this integration is our personal incorporation of qualitative values. We have to be more valuable in order to see more value.


Definitions: (1) all of the whole; cosmic; (2) all-reaching; (3) related to all; the Universal Father; (4) covering all space, mind, time, influence, and personalities completely; (5) adaptable to all situations; applicable to all beings; (6) intended to be used by everyone; comprehensive; (7) differential infinity unified; the Universal Absolute

Comment: The attitude of love is universally true.


Definitions: (1) the supporter and sustainer of all reality; the conservator; (2) the protector and preserver of life; the maintainer; (3) ever watchful; vigilant and alert; (4) able to give undivided attention to every atom, person, idea, system, and relationship in the universe; (5) the one who lifts up; the one who prevents falling or failing; (6) willing to stand with us against all odds

Comment: Having given us free will, he will not prevent our slipping if we so choose. But he, and all of his friends and agents, are supportive until we understand his way is the right way.