The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) the objective reality, the source of all singular things; (2) the first thought, the source of all individual minds; (3) the original Person, the source of all unique personalities; (4) the creative value, the source of all differentiated ideals

Comment: We are dependent during this physical time upon the human body being healthy and alive, particularly the brain/mind connection. After our first physical body dies our essential cosmic identity (Spirit, personality, mind, soul, and valuable experiences) is preserved and continues to thrive.


Definitions: (1) the creator of light; luminous; (2) the giver of physical, mental, and spiritual light; (3) spiritually enlightening; resplendent; (4) to brighten with grace; (5) the giver of perspective; (6) the one who makes things clear; elucidating and uplifting; (7) mentally brilliant; illustrious; cogent; (8) shedding light on each detail; interpreter; (9) filling the universe with color

Quote: He shines; everything shines. — Hinduism, Katha Upanishad 5.15


Definitions: (1) the ultimate authority; unchallengeable; (2) worthy of being believed; reliable; (3) unable to make a mistake; unfailing; adept; (4) never in error; always accurate; (5) incapable of deception; dependable

Comment: God’s infallibility is a direct result of a perfect combination of omniscience and absolute wisdom. All of his decisions are determined with a resolute certainty. Everything has been taken into account.


Definitions: (1) beginningless and endless; ageless; (2) impenetrable; possessing mysteries beyond number; (3) existing before time; pre-existent; superfinite; (4) unable to be exhausted; undiminished; tireless

Comment: No matter how long it takes the finite universe to progress to its final perfect purpose it will be as a split second in the measurelessness of The Infinite.


Definitions: (1) filling with the spirit; (2) encouraging others to do and be their best; (3) the compelling influence to creative thought and action; (4) persuading by positive means to be good, recognize beauty, and know truth; (5) stimulating to service

Comment: The final step in learning something is the ability to give it away; to instruct others on the finer points. Experience is truly the best teacher.



Definitions: (1) the perfect interassociation of parts; (2) able to put back together again; complete; (3) seeing the actual way everything should fit together; fitting; (4) retaining the best of the past, nurturing the best of the present, and laying the ground for the best of the future; (5) insuring the coming together of all to form a cohesive Single Reality



Definitions: (1) completely honest and thoroughly proper; (2) the model of a morally upright nature; honorable; reputable; (3) worthy of the utmost respect; scrupulously principled; (4) very believable; sincere

Comment: When God decides to integrate things, meanings, values, and persons he does so with a willingness to preserve the best of the individual pieces. This simple ‘preservation of the actuals’ approach we would expect even from an efficient mechanistic universe.

In excess of the minimum, he also lets bloom the potentials latent within. These blossoms come to fruition with the help of struggle and cross-pollination. As a result, he is completing it (or us) not with simple addition but with a creative expansion of new reality.

He has designed the infinite to impinge upon the finite. We see the effect of the infinite interacting with the finite in many ways, particularly with values. But let’s take two examples from chemistry: 1) Add two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom and you get something more and very different from what could ever have been expected. 2) Add one each of sodium (a highly reactive metal) and chlorine (a poisonous gas) and you get table salt. This is the “superadditive” effect mentioned in Harmony definition number four.


Definitions: (1) able to produce great focus; mesmerizing; (2) able to arouse great desire to learn; thrilling; captivating; (3) always able to produce something unknown; stimulating; (4) the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate; refreshing; (5) able to give insight into new aspects; multifaceted; (6) able to invigorate curiosity; electrifying; (7) memorable

Comment: God is worth contemplating. Once we give ourselves a chance to think about him, we begin to see his nature and appreciate his character. Then, because of the positive nature of the attributes he possesses, we are drawn to take a personal interest in him. This leads to an appreciation of possibilities – his and ours. Once we begin to like him, we realize he must like us and also have our best interest in mind. We begin to trust in his ability to intercede in our lives. We begin to pray for how to proceed, a prayer for help. After receiving some truth and recognizing some beauty we feel some gratitude toward him. It is then not difficult to want to share in his qualities; to emulate his goodness. Seeing that we can embody these qualities, we know that genuine growth is possible. A closer understanding of who he is turns into a heartfelt acknowledgment of his great goodness which elevates appreciation to the level of worship.


Definitions: (1) indicative of the closest relationship possible; intrinsic; (2) directly connected; in touch; ever-near; (3) the inmost character of; self-experiential; (4) the essential part of; quintessential; (5) worthy of entrusting with the closest confidence; communicative; (6) able to see the point of view of another; linked; (7) willing to share and inform; interested

Comment: God is with us in many ways. He is omnipresent, present from the outside passing through all of finite time/space. He is also ubiquitous, present from the inside throughout finite reality. Our mind is a piece of the Universal Mind, the Holy Spirit. He is the source and destiny of our personality. He knows and loves us as one person does another. And he also indwells us as our cosmic identity. Each one of us is precious to him.


Definitions: (1) courteously requesting participation; attracting; (2) opening the way; showing the way; alluring; (3) eliciting wholesome desire; satisfying; (4) the essence of tact, finesse, and subtlety; (5) the most magnetic personality; charismatic; charming; (6) able to make himself evident to us; (7) engaging; likable

Comment: God asks us to allow ourselves to be enticed with the final grand adventure: the discovery of his unending qualities of divinity. Through us he becomes both found and finder.