The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) flawless in all qualities; (2) free from anything which might impair appearance, quality, or character; beautiful; (3) open; honest; (4) able to evaluate reality objectively; equitable; impartial; unbiased; (5) able to take all things into consideration; evenhanded; equanimous; (6) sympathetic of the plight of others; accepting; commiserative; (7) truthful at all times; ingenuous; upstanding; (8) the perfect melding of justice and mercy


• One of the first qualities a child understands is fairness. They first want their way – for the other person to be fair with them. But they soon begin to understand fairness is a two-way street. We hold certain qualities in high regard for each other. How much more so would these qualities be exemplified by the creator of value? God holds up his end of the fairness exchange. Our part is to align our will with his, most eminently fair, will.

• Is there a fairness to the hardships we are asked to endure and learn from? Since God is fair, if we are pushed beyond his sense of fairness, we will be compensated.


Definitions: (1) reliably adhering to responsibility; true to allegiance; the constant performance of duties; conscientious; (2) can be counted on to keep promises; credible; honest; (3) ever-willing to give service; fidelity; loyalty; (4) true to His word; principled; (5) worthy of being believed; (6) dedicated to the plan, devoted to His people; (7) sincere

Comment: God is not foolish. He will not give us what we want simply because we ask for it. He has our best interests in mind. He is willing to listen and respond to our will – if it is coincident with his, all-wise, will. Even if our prayer is foolish, the sincerity behind the prayer is valuable and that will be rewarded.


Definition: The Father, The Mother, and the children; a unit of mutual and intimate support

Comment: God was replete before creating anything or anyone. It was love motivating him to begin the universal family. It is love that brings his family together. The best parental qualities are his.


Definitions: (1) the head of the household <in this case: the universe>; paternal; (2) devoted to the care and rearing of the family; (3) the first Person of The Trinity; (4) the originator and initiator of all things and beings; The Father-Absolute

Comment: God is the formal word we use to describe the source of all things. But “Father” denotes the loving nature of this original Person.


Definitions: (1) the nonpersonal side of Deity; (2) the unlimited, primal, original, and precursor aspects of Divinity from which power, energy, and matter emerge; (3) holding and controlling all power, energy, and strength in check

See Also: Omnipotent for this aspect of the personal God.


May The Force be with you. — George Lucas, Star Wars

The absolute truth abides forever, whether enlightenment appears in the world or not. — Buddhism, Lankavatara Sutra 61

Comment: God’s force and power are always in control, always acting with the best interest of all involved. They are governed by goodness and distributed with fairness. He has no reason or will to force or coerce you to do anything.


Definitions: (1) showing loving interest and amiable good will; congenial; (2) always ready to comfort, help, and be supportive; loyal; (3) the Person who knows you completely and is intensely fond of you; amicable; (4) the Person who is considerate of your every want and need; (5) willing and able to take you into His heart; endearing; inviting; hospitable


• God is the friend of each and every individual. Friends do not like to see friends hurting themselves or other friends, therefore God is the ultimate promoter of peace. If there is a conflict, he will let each individual know what is the best right action.

• God is not only a judge. He is also a companion. If you do not recognize him, look at your human and animal friends. All good-natured compatibility is shared and enjoyed by the creator of relationships.

• We normally take God very seriously. That does not change the fact that he has the best sense of humor in the universe. He knows all the incongruous situations we put ourselves into. His empathy for our difficulties is not diminished. We will be able to best surpass ourselves when we get to the point where we do not take ourselves so seriously.

The cynic says the universe is just a big joke. But God does not laugh at us; he laughs with us. He is the soul of compassion. It is we who make mistakes and treat each other foolishly. Humor is the general anesthesia for being born human. Humor clarifies the facts and purifies the truth.