The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) worthy of being imitated; a commendable example; (2) worthy of being a paragon; hero; (3) inspiring others to imitate the divine nature and qualities, <love and all of its derivatives>; (4) the Person of such outstanding high regard as to compel imitation

Quote: Be you perfect, even as I am perfect. — The Heavenly Father

Note on Quote: The key word in this quote is “as.” We are commanded by our Loving Parent to be as perfect in our sphere of finite reality as the Father is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Since he is perfect, he is asking us (and promising it is possible) to be like him. His goodness is worthy of imitation and we are offered a way (the Divine Plan) to share eternal life with him. The eternal quest is the search for perfection. The desire to be better than we are is part of our nature for a good reason. If we follow his lead we will, bit by bit, find the answers to immortality. The search for God is the final great pursuit.


Definitions: (1) setting the cosmos in motion; actualizing reality; activating the plan of creation; (2) fully committed to the dynamic service of the universe; (3) affectionately connecting with each person; (4) exerting executive control of the energetic forces proposed by Original Thought; (5) operating within everything and everyone; absolute immanence


• Only after having thought about what would be the options (having taken a look at all possible beginnings, all branching possibilities, and every possible outcome), using his infinite omniscience and perfect wisdom, did God finalize a plan of action. Then did the decree go forth as to what should take place and who should be involved.

• The divine plan asks those who have made some progress toward the Center to be willing to help those who are still struggling to become more complete. We are asked to be engaged as he is engaged.


Definitions: (1) without beginning or end; everlasting; unbounded; (2) changeless; always true; (3) perpetual; timeless; ceaseless; (4) forever in existence; immortal; enduring beyond time; (5) existing beyond eternity; imperishable; (6) indefatigable

Comment: It is impossible to imagine a continuous eternity but it is worth trying just as an exercise in expanding our comprehension of the Primal Cause and our final destiny.


Definitions: (1) filling all and knowing all; comprehensive; (2) extant through finite evolution up to Universe Destiny; (3) the instigator of the growth of personalities and the amplifier of reality; (4) the most broad-minded; possessing the largest measure of benevolence; (5) possessing increasing magnificence in generosity, open-heartedness, and sympathy; (6) abundant; stupendous; (7) spreading out; unfolding

Comment: God has given people the ability to turn potentials into actuals, i.e. growth. The potentials in an infinite universe are limitless therefore growth is ever-expansive – forever.

We will eventually be able to revisit all of the possibilities we missed due to circumstances, negligence, or poor choices. We will be given a chance to realize all of the opportunities we left unfulfilled.