The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) the first; the original; (2) not deriving from something or someone else; authentic; (3) the ruling authority; (4) the most important one; standing alone; prominent; (5) the highest and best value; premier; (6) the source; the beginning; the first cause; (7) the one who prepares the stage; (8) unspoiled; pristine; beautiful

Comment: The First Source and Center is primal in all domains: finite and infinite, personal and impersonal, actual and potential, static and dynamic. Everything and everyone in existence is dependent upon the Prime Reality.


Definitions: (1) divine solicitude and direction; (2) the guiding force; fostering; (3) having and showing foresight; understanding; (4) the preparer of nurturance; (5) the provider of fundamental needs, <a planet to stand on, a body to inhabit, a spirit to guide us, a mind to understand with, choices to learn from, and a personality to unite it all>; (6) conscientious and prudent management; (7) considerate regard of the individual within the total circumstances; (8) the one who gets things moving; expediter; (9) the devoted guardian; the diligent caretaker; the assiduous defender; (10) the protector, preserver, and promoter of value; (11) willing to walk hand in hand; participative; (12) the bridge maker

Comment: Intervention is a character sometimes attributed to Divine Providence. From our point of view it may seem like the hand of God is changing the natural course of events but when seen from a larger perspective it is the efficient motion of the total plan unfolding as it should. God will not interfere with our free will, yet we are held in his tender watch-care.


Definitions: (1) perfect; (2) the essential spirit; fine; (3) clean; pristine; (4) genuine; objectively real; (5) in harmony; one; (6) self-evident; the initial a priori truth; indispensable; (7) immaculate; impeccable; unadulterated; (8) free from defects; faultless; spotless; (9) indestructible; inviolate; (10) untainted with evil or guilt; innocent; blameless; irreproachable

Comment: Like substances attract. The pure nature of God purifies the human heart as it moves toward its source.



Definitions: (1) in existence; (2) existential; (3) the objective fact; (4) indisputably actual

Comment: Are there any confirming means of identifying the truth of God? All such “proofs” are from personal experience. The first is the experience of the intellectual capacity for knowing God. The discovery, and self-verification of this intellectual idea, can be further substantiated by the personal and spiritual experience of loving and being loved in return. The observation that love, truth, beauty, goodness, and all other qualities of value are knowable in personal experience confirms ones confidence in non-physical, especially spiritual, facts.

Once the possibility of knowing God is verified, the second stage of proof becomes evident. This is the personal urge to find God. To the exact extent a person seeks God, does the Father pour in as much revelation of himself as can be received.

By this point, initial skeptical curiosity has been transformed through intellectual discovery and personal verification into reasonable faith. One is then tempted to experiment with the third stage of confirmation – the desire to be like God. Finding this possible is truly convincing.


Definitions: (1) attentive and open-minded; (2) sensitive and compassionate; serving with graciousness; (3) the giver of answers; (4) the listener and granter of prayers; (5) the benefactor of insights; (6) the satisfier of curiosity; (7) the fulfiller of all needs

• Just as all matter is responsive to material gravity, so too are all values subject to the absolute pull of spiritual gravity. And, luckily for us, souls are made of values.

• Our ability to accept the infinite love of God is not because he restricts his response to our needs in any way. He is always giving. We are the ones who cannot recognize his gracious gifts. We limit our receiving by our attitude, enlightenment, maturity, negative filters, openness, perspective, and willingness.


Definitions: (1) the appropriate use of power; (2) establishment and governance of moral principles; ethical rectitude; (3) the wise use of judgment; reasonable and fair; (4) the source of the correctness of truth; (5) honorably noble

Comment: A person with a righteous character co-ordinates ideas, decisions, ideals, and truths thus helping to create an ever-expanding soul.



Definitions: (1) showing the way to salvation; heroic; (2) rescuing from harm; deliverer; (3) the liberator from fear and death; (4) the retriever of souls; resurrector; (5) restoring to good standing; saving grace; (6) the vindicator of faith; (7) the rehabilitator of wrong thinking; healer; (8) the compensator for imperfection; (9) the destroyer of sin

Quote: You are all my children, and I am your Father. For age upon age, you have been scorched by multitudinous woes, and I have saved you all. — Buddhism, Lotus Sutra 3

Comment: There is no free ride, but we do get some help when we need it and ask for it.


Definitions: (1) aware of the self-evident fact of His own Divinity; autotheistic; (2) aware of His own existence; self-realizing; (3) aware of His own personality and individuality; self-knowing; (4) knowing His own mind; self-possessed; (5) cognizant of His own actions; self-accepting; (6) conscious of His own attributes and character; self-respecting

Comment: No quality or characteristic lives in a vacuum. Since God is personal he is, at least, conscious. Since we are also personal and conscious, we understand the feeling. Our consciousness is ever advancing. God’s consciousness is ever-aware.


Definitions: (1) willing to disclose His attributes to His creatures; (2) willing to make known His will to His creation; (3) willing to speak of His nature to the universe; (4) the assurance of truth

Comment: God is willing and able to impart fact, meaning, and value whenever the doors of the mind and heart are open. Revelation takes many forms depending on the ability and the willingness of the listener. One form is inspiration: auto-inspiration (just between you and God) or public inspiration, as with inspired writings. Another form is science. By study and discovery we find out more about the marvelous nature of our surroundings and with that the nature of The Maker of those things, systems, and forms. Revelation is often by association; the putting of two and two together. We are constantly integrating what we know and coming up with fresh insights. And maybe the most revealing of all is figuring out how to have loving relationships with others.


Definitions: (1) giving freely of Himself; selfless; (2) desiring the beings of His creation to participate in the joys of the creation to an ever increasing degree; magnanimous; (3) the great teacher; generous; (4) contributing everything possible; munificent; (5) liberal with rewards; altruistic; big-hearted; (6) serving His children; benefactor

Comment: Before God started time, before he created space, he was complete. Nonetheless he could not deny his fundamental nature. He decided to start the ball rolling because he is a giving Person. When we decide to share the meanings and values of our inner life with him we are partaking of that divine nature.

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