The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) the nonpersonal side of Deity; (2) the unlimited, primal, original, and precursor aspects of Divinity from which power, energy, and matter emerge; (3) holding and controlling all power, energy, and strength in check

See Also: Omnipotent for this aspect of the personal God.


May The Force be with you. — George Lucas, Star Wars

The absolute truth abides forever, whether enlightenment appears in the world or not. — Buddhism, Lankavatara Sutra 61

Comment: God’s force and power are always in control, always acting with the best interest of all involved. They are governed by goodness and distributed with fairness. He has no reason or will to force or coerce you to do anything.


Definitions: (1) showing loving interest and amiable good will; congenial; (2) always ready to comfort, help, and be supportive; loyal; (3) the Person who knows you completely and is intensely fond of you; amicable; (4) the Person who is considerate of your every want and need; (5) willing and able to take you into His heart; endearing; inviting; hospitable


• God is the friend of each and every individual. Friends do not like to see friends hurting themselves or other friends, therefore God is the ultimate promoter of peace. If there is a conflict, he will let each individual know what is the best right action.

• God is not only a judge. He is also a companion. If you do not recognize him, look at your human and animal friends. All good-natured compatibility is shared and enjoyed by the creator of relationships.

• We normally take God very seriously. That does not change the fact that he has the best sense of humor in the universe. He knows all the incongruous situations we put ourselves into. His empathy for our difficulties is not diminished. We will be able to best surpass ourselves when we get to the point where we do not take ourselves so seriously.

The cynic says the universe is just a big joke. But God does not laugh at us; he laughs with us. He is the soul of compassion. It is we who make mistakes and treat each other foolishly. Humor is the general anesthesia for being born human. Humor clarifies the facts and purifies the truth.



Definitions: (1) heeding the need of others delicately and with sensitivity (2) possessing a good heart; softhearted; (3) able to handle any situation smoothly and with touching tenderness; (4) self-composed; serene; (5) noble; royal; lordly

Comment: We see, seemingly, dissimilar qualities come together in the same human being; such as strong and gentle, all of the time. If opposites can be so agreeably combined in humans, then all the more possible in the One who is the originator of all that is good.


Definitions: (1) deserving praise; adorable; (2) controlling the highest degree of excellence; (3) possessing sublime beauty and awesome splendor; magnificent; (4) better, by far, than can be imagined

Synonyms: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of superlatives used to describe God. And, of course, he deserves to be thought of in the loftiest of concepts. I have chosen only a few to put on this Chart. Others would be: astonishing, breathtaking, dazzling, entrancing, lustrous, stunning, terrific, wonderful, and so on.

Comment: It is difficult to believe in a being who cannot be seen and touched with the normal physical means of proof. But experience is deeper than the five senses. Belief may be necessary at first, but it is intellectual. Faith is an experience of a living relationship between you and God.


Definitions: (1) the personal aspect of deity; (2) the one uncaused reality; (3) the first, best, and highest being in existence

     See Also: Deity and Divinity

Comment: God started it all going. He lets it run its course with the aid of beings who he also created that have a place in the scheme of things. God is supernatural, above nature, as well as in nature, but nature is not God.


Definitions: (1) unconditional kindness; unselfishly generous; charitable beyond bounty; beneficent; (2) gracious and attractive; virtuous; (3) blameless; unimpeachable; (4) praiseworthy; desirable; (5) deserving of respect; honorable; (6) a euphemism for God

Quote: Do good without thought of benefit to the self. Goodness begets goodness, but to the one who is truly good, evil also begets goodness. True goodness is like water. It blesses everything and harms nothing. And like water, the true goodness of the Supreme seeks the lowest places, even those levels which others avoid. — Lao-Tse, Taoism

Comment: Good is not good only in contrast to evil. Evil (even if encompassing stupidity, sin, and iniquity) only makes up a very small portion of the universe - a few dark spots on a pure, clean background. Evil is measurably separate from true Goodness, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Selfish, misguided, and immature beings with only a finite amount of information have been given the right to choose. And that free will was given by The One Person who wishes nothing more than to share his infinite goodness.


Definitions: (1) the best there is; (2) the most important; renowned; (3) the most noble and notable of thought and action; distinguished; dignified; (4) superior; eminent; celebrated; (5) impressive; remarkable; grand; (6) extraordinary; splendid; (7) The Great Spirit

Comment: Whether one is talking about magnitude, quantity, or quality, God is the greatest possible.



Definitions: (1) all parts combined in a proportionate, consistent, and agreeable arrangement; congruous; disparate separations adapted to each other; (2) everything in accord with every other thing; fitting together elegantly; (3) balance; consonance; equilibrium; (4) greater than the sum of its parts; superadditive; super-symmetry; (5) concordant convergence as in music and poetry resonating melodiously beyond the individual notes or words; (6) peaceful; tranquil


• When God separated the whole into parts he created relationships. Every relationship creates a tension. In the absolute all unresolved tensions are equitably settled, often by the creation of new reality. Some of the tensions created and resolved were: potential and actual resolved by growth; infinite and subinfinite resolved in space through time; personal and impersonal resolved by mind. God is a creator; not a static fact in a state of absolute completion but alive and able to share, enrich, and excite reality.

• We experience much which is out of balance and in need of integration. This is the condition of things in our finite reality. Perfection in the infinite is inherent, but in our state of existence perfection is progressive.

• The natural and necessary consequence of perfect harmony of qualities and attributes in God is their mutually limited relationship. Each is consistent with all others; nothing is out of balance.

• “Super-symmetry” [definition number four] refers to the attempt, now almost exclusively in mathematics, to unify the divergent laws and forces which govern the universe. With God this equilibrium is inherent in his perfect divine poise.


Definitions: (1) available for service; (2) rendering assistance; mediating; (3) making the way clearer; guiding; (4) aiding in the growth of each individual; fostering; (5) supportive toward the objective; sustaining; cooperative; (6) improving all conditions; ministering; (7) provident; (8) elevating the mind to beneficial ideas and ideals

Comment: We can moderate our attitudes and behavior by asking for help, as in prayer. God will help in every way possible but he will not interfere in our personal choice process. The type of help received may be surprising, but in retrospect it will always be completely confirmed as wise and lovingly helpful. Prayer opens up the mind to sublime thinking often resulting in practical insight.



Definitions: (1) the objective reality, the source of all singular things; (2) the first thought, the source of all individual minds; (3) the original Person, the source of all unique personalities; (4) the creative value, the source of all differentiated ideals

Comment: We are dependent during this physical time upon the human body being healthy and alive, particularly the brain/mind connection. After our first physical body dies our essential cosmic identity (Spirit, personality, mind, soul, and valuable experiences) is preserved and continues to thrive.

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