The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) possessing unlimited power; almighty; (2) containing all actuals and potentials; (3) having infinite authority and influence; (4) maintaining total control; invincible; invulnerable; irrepressible; (5) able and competent to act with perfect correctness; (6) vigorous, lively

Comment: God’s power was the first great quality man understood – and feared. With the addition of wonder this fear was later supplanted by awe which was converted into reverence by the addition of respect for his power. Now we also have a greater appreciation of his good and merciful nature consequently we are motivated to love and worship him.


Definitions: (1) located anywhere and everywhere at all times; ever-present; (2) omnitemporal; (3) serving within creation; ubiquitous; (4) having infinite range; far-reaching; far-flung; boundless

Comment: All of the “omni’s” work together to hold all things and beings within the divine plan. God has to be everywhere (Omnipresent) so his all-powerfulness (omnipotence) can work with his absolute knowingness (omniscience). But we can continue to push the boundaries of our ideas about these attributes: from all space to all non-space, from all actuals to all potentials, from human persons to ultimate personalities, from consciousness to superconsciousness.


Definitions: (1) able to comprehend all deep and diverse reality; all-knowing; prescient; (2) capable of beholding everything; (3) able to see from every perspective all at once, omnispective; (4) able to hear all needs and respond to all thoughts; (5) possessing an infinite mind; intelligent; logical; rational; incisive; (6) aware of all things and able to synthesize them into a cohesive whole; cognizant; (7) having a complete and coherent perspective of everything; omnipercipient; (8) easily inventing new options and new realities; ingenious; (9) able to comprehend all incongruities and harmonize them; (10) able to commune with every person in the universe; perspicacious

Comment: We tend to think of intelligence in terms of human abilities. The smartest of us can hold several ideas at a time, can parse several lines of thought, and can do quick intuitive calculations. But we are like a single point compared to God. Everything has its existence in God. If God, for a split second, did not think about something (even a single atom) it would cease to exist. How much more precious is a singular soul? We can feel blessed and secure knowing God is always looking out for us.


Definitions: (1) individual autonomy; distinct; (2) exclusively what He Is; unique; unequaled; (3) indissoluble and indivisible; whole; (4) the singular preeminent Being; (5) the zenith; incomparable; matchless; paramount; peerless

Comment: The idea of One God grew first out of fear of the unknown, through reverence for the ghost spirits of the dead, then through nature spirits to pantheism, and on to henotheism (the few top gods), and finally to monotheism.


Definitions: (1) the originator and executioner of the overall plan of creation <with the ability to effectively and efficiently move reality forward according to this plan>; (2) the preparer of structure <physical and administrative>; (3) the designer of an interdependent system of organic cosmic order; <integrating nature, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.>; (4) the architect of the orderly and methodical mind; (5) presiding over organization; coordinator; director; (6) the expert correlator of all things, meanings, values, and beings

Comment: God’s plan is accommodating enough to encompass every possible set of decisions a person could make. His organization is so flexible as to offer just the right kind of help toward a more perfect state no matter where we are scattered along the road.



Definitions: (1) ministering to the growth of progressive beings; accommodating the needs of growing children; (2) steady perseverance in performing all tasks; diligent; (3) steadfast and consistent action; abiding; (4) self-controlled; long-suffering; even-tempered; (5) incapable of being provoked or angered; refraining from retaliation for wrongs committed; forbearing; tolerant; (6) the reliever of anguish

Comment: The Supreme Being possesses absolute patience. His patience in helping his finite family work out their perfection in time is boundless. He will continue to exhibit ultimate patience when the transcended time/space level of reality is reached. After that he still has the patience to offer an infinite number of unimaginable wonders within the absolute.


Definitions: (1) the discernible, coherent design upon which to base the total system; (2) the original arrangement and example of form; (3) the primary, discrete set of priorities from which all things are derived; (4) the original model for all subsequent reality; (5) the physical, personal, mindal, and spiritual guide showing the way; (6) the Person or ideal worthy of imitation and copying; (7) generosity sufficient to create all that divine pattern requires

Comment: God is the original pattern. The idea of a tree existed before the first seed took root. Form follows function. Function follows intention. His intention is Love. We think of the physical world as the most real of things, yet matter is the slow energy pattern of the pure substantive reality. DNA is the simple structural pattern; adding life to it is the source of the real skill. Light contains the rainbow. Vibration contains the symphony. Love contains the baby’s giggle, the helping hand, and the answers.


Definitions: (1) complete in all respects; without defect or omission; flawless; (2) thoroughly excellent; faultless; (3) completely correct and accurate; exact; precise; (4) without reserve or qualification; pure; impeccable; (5) totally effective; expertly proficient; (6) the ultimate ideal; the highest position; the acme; (7) nothing wanting; finished; (8) the creator of the desire to attain perfection

Comment: Our imperfection is part of the divine plan. We are designed to grow. God experiences growth through sharing our consciousness and adventures.


Definitions: (1) the original conscious, volitional being; (2) the source and destiny of all subsequent personalities; (3) the being who is designing, deciding, and directing creation; (4) agreeable; good-natured; friendly

Comment: Personality is not simply an attribute of God; it is the co-ordination of a unified will, an infinite nature, and their universally revealed expression. We can have an idea of a supreme force but we can only have a relationship with a person. Each and every person is unique and, if seen in its pure form, enjoyable. Only a person can love and be loved, and if that Person is God then the love coming in our direction is immense.


Definitions: (1) the best there is; the highest ideal; (2) independent of changes; absolutely objective; (3) beyond all doubt or qualification; undeniable; sure; (4) full of conviction; certain; confident; resolute; (5) affirming of practical reality; (6) directing everything with constructive momentum toward progress; (7) contributing to everyone’s growth; constructive

Comment: So many institutional religions look to move away from the negative, preventing sin and avoiding evil. The positive attitude is to turn your sight to the light, embracing goodness, seeking truth, and appreciating beauty.

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