The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary

This is the Glossary for the Class: The Nature and Attributes of God.

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Definitions: (1) relative to no other; all others dependent on Him; (2) free from and above any extraneous influence; self-sufficient; (3) independent in and of Himself; (4) unconditioned by any standards, causes, or outside circumstances; (5) not limited or restricted by any other force or control; (6) pure; perfect; (7) the embodiment of ideal love; (8) complete; whole; (9) the ultimate actual and potential reality; (10) unqualified; fundamental; (11) the supreme authority; superultimate; (12) infinitely beyond any other thing or being; unsurpassed

Reflection: It is appropriate for Absolute to be the first in the alphabetical list of God’s qualities. It can and should be used as a modifier for all other qualities: absolute love, absolute perfection, absolute generosity, etc. Since God is absolute, all of his qualities are absolute. This means no quality can have any more value than any other. absolute justice has exactly the same value as absolute mercy. No matter how difficult we may think a choice is, to God it is easy. It is beyond us to understand his absolute nature, but he has no difficulty melding and perfectly coordinating anything with any and all other things — no matter if they are material things, mental meanings, spiritual values, or persons.

Consideration: We may think we know what the word Absolute means, but every time we contemplate it in depth, we find ourselves looking to the only Person who actually is absolute and the meaning expands. Therefore, we grow every time we think of God’s absolute nature and attributes.

Comment: Although God himself is absolute, he has designed a system of downsteps from the infinite to the finite. There is a vast family of caring individuals from God the Son and God the Spirit on down to the lowliest cherubim. He and the cooperating member of his family work for everyone’s welfare throughout every stage of existence. He is not separate from his creation. He permeates all levels.


Definitions: (1) the whole of everything; totally inclusive; replete; (2) going completely around, enveloping; nothing outside the embrace of; self-contained; (3) exerting utter control over all domains; (4) total accomplishment of objectives; (5) all-pervasive

     See also: Harmony

Comment: Within a system there are parts. Each system is enclosed by the extents of its domain. Every part is encompassed within the system. The All-encompassing Being includes all of the individual parts, all of the separate systems, and all of the systems together in a single harmony. In order for there to be a harmony of parts there have to be parts. Without parts a thing is simply itself, whole and complete. God is both.


Definitions: (1) the ability <of The Creator> to be close to the creation; to be intimate with every creature; (2) potential <for both The Creator and the created> to move toward each other; (3) possible for the created to emulate The Creator in character or quality; (4) having easy and open access; friendly; (5) able to be appreciated; (6) able to be contacted; findable; (7) worthy of being prayed to


• Several qualities attributed to God are his only in relation to others. God is approachable by his family of created beings. We exist. He exists. He wants the best for us. He is the best for us, therefore he has designed the universe so we can choose to approach his perfection.

• Considering the infinite distance we have to go, the best we can do in this lifetime in our attempt to approach God is to face the right direction. He does everything he can to help us find him. No matter how close to The Absolute we may get there is still an absolute distance to go.



Definitions: (1) the personal quality that gives pleasure to the senses, exalts the mind, and elevates the spirit by pattern, harmony, and truth; (2) the aesthetic effect produced by harmony; (3) the essence of any excellent quality; (4) special grace with charm; delightful; (5) intensely pleasing; extremely fine; (6) artistic; attractive; lovely

Reflection: Our idea of beauty is so paltry compared with the grandeur of The Divine Beauty that it seems hopelessly meager. And yet these are the words we have available to use. One possibility is to extend the concept from an idea to an ideal and then it can be felt as well as known.


Definitions: (1) the giver of gifts; the Person with the most lavish generosity; (2) the giver of examples and life lessons; (3) the application of devotion to the universe, <He bestows his love upon all his children.>

Observation: Many great people have lived remarkable lives: Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tse, Mother Theresa, etc. These lives, lived in the service of The Truth, are a gift, an example of how to live. Each personality can choose to amplify themself to the exalted character they are meant to be.

Comment: Among the gifts which have been bestowed upon us are: life, personality, body, mind, spirit, grace, free will, and revelation (external and internal).



Definitions: (1) the Person from which everything emanates; (2) the foundational focal point; the nucleus; (3) the place of tranquil quiescence; stationary and still; (4) the fundamental source of power and authority; (5) the convergence of reality <physical force, personality and mind circuits, spiritual and physical gravity, and all life>; (6) the destiny of everything; the nexus; (7) holding everything together; cosmic cohesiveness

Inspiration: God encompasses all reality, is its source and center, is extant throughout it, and is its ultimate destination.


Definitions: (1) imparting reassurance, encouragement, and strength; (2) bringing solace and consolation in times of distress; (3) providing grace, hope, and cheer; (4) showing compassion and soul soothing kindness; (5) bestowing satisfaction and contentment; (6) the Teacher of all things

Comment: Definition number six, “the Teacher of all things,” helps us understand how comfort is beyond a simple hug with a sympathetic, “It will be all right. I’ll help you through this.” Comfort also includes information and security and understanding. The more we know the more comfortable we feel.

Some of God’s qualities (Omnipotence, Omniscience) are impossible to share. Some, like comfort, are where we have our opportunity to be like him. We can give comfort, in all of its forms (teacher, listener, inventor, nurse), to our brothers and sisters; all the while getting better as we practice.


Definitions: (1) the Person who brings everything into being; the originator; the ordainer of what is caused to exist; (2) characterized by originality and execution of first thoughts; (3) productive; inventive; omniferous; (4) the generator of reality: physical, mental, spiritual, and personal; (5) establishing and mandating the primal patterns, forms, and designs; the lawmaker; (6) self-moved by the motivation of love


• To appreciate and stand in awe of the creation is to give credit to The Creator for manifesting such prolific and imaginative innovations.

• God has also blessed us with a bit of the creative impulse. When we are being creative, we are sharing with him a fundamental quality of his nature. This gift is one reason why he does not give us all of the answers. It is part of The Plan that we discover anew reality for ourselves.



Definitions: (1) the making of a choice after considering all of the options; (2) expressing determination for a dedicated purpose firmly and resolutely; (3) faultless action taken after purposeful consideration


• Being all-knowing, all of God’s decisions are made after considering all options. This was true while determining the nature of Nature before anything existed and it is also true for each individual. For instance, when determining what actions to take with a individual after that person has died, God will include in his decision the circumstances the person was faced with in their life, the choices they made, the qualities they managed to embody within their soul, the long range plans God has for this soul in his creation, as well as innumerable other factors unknown to us. What we can be absolutely sure of is: his decision(s) will be fair and meticulous.

• God is absolute in relation to the entire time-space universe and within time-space his decisions, and therefore his actions, are the best possible reaction to each person, planet, or universe.


Definitions: (1) the source of all that which is divine; (2) can be personal, pre-personal, super-personal, or impersonal.

     See Also: God


Definitions: (1) the ultimate and inevitable goal of all creation; the final accomplishment; (2) the promise of prevailing in one’s search for God; the definitive attainment; (3) the end result of giving in to God’s irresistible influence; triumphant and victorious; (4) our refuge and our strength

Comment: If we had no free will, our future would be predetermined. But since we do possess the gift of free will, we can choose our destination and how to get there. If we choose to align our will with the will of the Father, he has assured us we will fulfill our heart’s desire. God gives us whatever help we need but we choose our own fate.


Definitions: (1) the unifying and coordinating quality of deity; (2) qualitatively comprehended as truth, beauty, and goodness; (3) correlated in personality as love, mercy, and ministry; (4) manifest impersonally as justice, power, and sovereignty.

     See Also: God



Definitions: (1) worthy of being imitated; a commendable example; (2) worthy of being a paragon; hero; (3) inspiring others to imitate the divine nature and qualities, <love and all of its derivatives>; (4) the Person of such outstanding high regard as to compel imitation

Quote: Be you perfect, even as I am perfect. — The Heavenly Father

Note on Quote: The key word in this quote is “as.” We are commanded by our Loving Parent to be as perfect in our sphere of finite reality as the Father is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Since he is perfect, he is asking us (and promising it is possible) to be like him. His goodness is worthy of imitation and we are offered a way (the Divine Plan) to share eternal life with him. The eternal quest is the search for perfection. The desire to be better than we are is part of our nature for a good reason. If we follow his lead we will, bit by bit, find the answers to immortality. The search for God is the final great pursuit.


Definitions: (1) setting the cosmos in motion; actualizing reality; activating the plan of creation; (2) fully committed to the dynamic service of the universe; (3) affectionately connecting with each person; (4) exerting executive control of the energetic forces proposed by Original Thought; (5) operating within everything and everyone; absolute immanence


• Only after having thought about what would be the options (having taken a look at all possible beginnings, all branching possibilities, and every possible outcome), using his infinite omniscience and perfect wisdom, did God finalize a plan of action. Then did the decree go forth as to what should take place and who should be involved.

• The divine plan asks those who have made some progress toward the Center to be willing to help those who are still struggling to become more complete. We are asked to be engaged as he is engaged.


Definitions: (1) without beginning or end; everlasting; unbounded; (2) changeless; always true; (3) perpetual; timeless; ceaseless; (4) forever in existence; immortal; enduring beyond time; (5) existing beyond eternity; imperishable; (6) indefatigable

Comment: It is impossible to imagine a continuous eternity but it is worth trying just as an exercise in expanding our comprehension of the Primal Cause and our final destiny.


Definitions: (1) filling all and knowing all; comprehensive; (2) extant through finite evolution up to Universe Destiny; (3) the instigator of the growth of personalities and the amplifier of reality; (4) the most broad-minded; possessing the largest measure of benevolence; (5) possessing increasing magnificence in generosity, open-heartedness, and sympathy; (6) abundant; stupendous; (7) spreading out; unfolding

Comment: God has given people the ability to turn potentials into actuals, i.e. growth. The potentials in an infinite universe are limitless therefore growth is ever-expansive – forever.

We will eventually be able to revisit all of the possibilities we missed due to circumstances, negligence, or poor choices. We will be given a chance to realize all of the opportunities we left unfulfilled.



Definitions: (1) flawless in all qualities; (2) free from anything which might impair appearance, quality, or character; beautiful; (3) open; honest; (4) able to evaluate reality objectively; equitable; impartial; unbiased; (5) able to take all things into consideration; evenhanded; equanimous; (6) sympathetic of the plight of others; accepting; commiserative; (7) truthful at all times; ingenuous; upstanding; (8) the perfect melding of justice and mercy


• One of the first qualities a child understands is fairness. They first want their way – for the other person to be fair with them. But they soon begin to understand fairness is a two-way street. We hold certain qualities in high regard for each other. How much more so would these qualities be exemplified by the creator of value? God holds up his end of the fairness exchange. Our part is to align our will with his, most eminently fair, will.

• Is there a fairness to the hardships we are asked to endure and learn from? Since God is fair, if we are pushed beyond his sense of fairness, we will be compensated.


Definitions: (1) reliably adhering to responsibility; true to allegiance; the constant performance of duties; conscientious; (2) can be counted on to keep promises; credible; honest; (3) ever-willing to give service; fidelity; loyalty; (4) true to His word; principled; (5) worthy of being believed; (6) dedicated to the plan, devoted to His people; (7) sincere

Comment: God is not foolish. He will not give us what we want simply because we ask for it. He has our best interests in mind. He is willing to listen and respond to our will – if it is coincident with his, all-wise, will. Even if our prayer is foolish, the sincerity behind the prayer is valuable and that will be rewarded.


Definition: The Father, The Mother, and the children; a unit of mutual and intimate support

Comment: God was replete before creating anything or anyone. It was love motivating him to begin the universal family. It is love that brings his family together. The best parental qualities are his.


Definitions: (1) the head of the household <in this case: the universe>; paternal; (2) devoted to the care and rearing of the family; (3) the first Person of The Trinity; (4) the originator and initiator of all things and beings; The Father-Absolute

Comment: God is the formal word we use to describe the source of all things. But “Father” denotes the loving nature of this original Person.


Definitions: (1) the nonpersonal side of Deity; (2) the unlimited, primal, original, and precursor aspects of Divinity from which power, energy, and matter emerge; (3) holding and controlling all power, energy, and strength in check

See Also: Omnipotent for this aspect of the personal God.


May The Force be with you. — George Lucas, Star Wars

The absolute truth abides forever, whether enlightenment appears in the world or not. — Buddhism, Lankavatara Sutra 61

Comment: God’s force and power are always in control, always acting with the best interest of all involved. They are governed by goodness and distributed with fairness. He has no reason or will to force or coerce you to do anything.


Definitions: (1) showing loving interest and amiable good will; congenial; (2) always ready to comfort, help, and be supportive; loyal; (3) the Person who knows you completely and is intensely fond of you; amicable; (4) the Person who is considerate of your every want and need; (5) willing and able to take you into His heart; endearing; inviting; hospitable


• God is the friend of each and every individual. Friends do not like to see friends hurting themselves or other friends, therefore God is the ultimate promoter of peace. If there is a conflict, he will let each individual know what is the best right action.

• God is not only a judge. He is also a companion. If you do not recognize him, look at your human and animal friends. All good-natured compatibility is shared and enjoyed by the creator of relationships.

• We normally take God very seriously. That does not change the fact that he has the best sense of humor in the universe. He knows all the incongruous situations we put ourselves into. His empathy for our difficulties is not diminished. We will be able to best surpass ourselves when we get to the point where we do not take ourselves so seriously.

The cynic says the universe is just a big joke. But God does not laugh at us; he laughs with us. He is the soul of compassion. It is we who make mistakes and treat each other foolishly. Humor is the general anesthesia for being born human. Humor clarifies the facts and purifies the truth.



Definitions: (1) heeding the need of others delicately and with sensitivity (2) possessing a good heart; softhearted; (3) able to handle any situation smoothly and with touching tenderness; (4) self-composed; serene; (5) noble; royal; lordly

Comment: We see, seemingly, dissimilar qualities come together in the same human being; such as strong and gentle, all of the time. If opposites can be so agreeably combined in humans, then all the more possible in the One who is the originator of all that is good.


Definitions: (1) deserving praise; adorable; (2) controlling the highest degree of excellence; (3) possessing sublime beauty and awesome splendor; magnificent; (4) better, by far, than can be imagined

Synonyms: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of superlatives used to describe God. And, of course, he deserves to be thought of in the loftiest of concepts. I have chosen only a few to put on this Chart. Others would be: astonishing, breathtaking, dazzling, entrancing, lustrous, stunning, terrific, wonderful, and so on.

Comment: It is difficult to believe in a being who cannot be seen and touched with the normal physical means of proof. But experience is deeper than the five senses. Belief may be necessary at first, but it is intellectual. Faith is an experience of a living relationship between you and God.


Definitions: (1) the personal aspect of deity; (2) the one uncaused reality; (3) the first, best, and highest being in existence

     See Also: Deity and Divinity

Comment: God started it all going. He lets it run its course with the aid of beings who he also created that have a place in the scheme of things. God is supernatural, above nature, as well as in nature, but nature is not God.


Definitions: (1) unconditional kindness; unselfishly generous; charitable beyond bounty; beneficent; (2) gracious and attractive; virtuous; (3) blameless; unimpeachable; (4) praiseworthy; desirable; (5) deserving of respect; honorable; (6) a euphemism for God

Quote: Do good without thought of benefit to the self. Goodness begets goodness, but to the one who is truly good, evil also begets goodness. True goodness is like water. It blesses everything and harms nothing. And like water, the true goodness of the Supreme seeks the lowest places, even those levels which others avoid. — Lao-Tse, Taoism

Comment: Good is not good only in contrast to evil. Evil (even if encompassing stupidity, sin, and iniquity) only makes up a very small portion of the universe - a few dark spots on a pure, clean background. Evil is measurably separate from true Goodness, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Selfish, misguided, and immature beings with only a finite amount of information have been given the right to choose. And that free will was given by The One Person who wishes nothing more than to share his infinite goodness.


Definitions: (1) the best there is; (2) the most important; renowned; (3) the most noble and notable of thought and action; distinguished; dignified; (4) superior; eminent; celebrated; (5) impressive; remarkable; grand; (6) extraordinary; splendid; (7) The Great Spirit

Comment: Whether one is talking about magnitude, quantity, or quality, God is the greatest possible.



Definitions: (1) all parts combined in a proportionate, consistent, and agreeable arrangement; congruous; disparate separations adapted to each other; (2) everything in accord with every other thing; fitting together elegantly; (3) balance; consonance; equilibrium; (4) greater than the sum of its parts; superadditive; super-symmetry; (5) concordant convergence as in music and poetry resonating melodiously beyond the individual notes or words; (6) peaceful; tranquil


• When God separated the whole into parts he created relationships. Every relationship creates a tension. In the absolute all unresolved tensions are equitably settled, often by the creation of new reality. Some of the tensions created and resolved were: potential and actual resolved by growth; infinite and subinfinite resolved in space through time; personal and impersonal resolved by mind. God is a creator; not a static fact in a state of absolute completion but alive and able to share, enrich, and excite reality.

• We experience much which is out of balance and in need of integration. This is the condition of things in our finite reality. Perfection in the infinite is inherent, but in our state of existence perfection is progressive.

• The natural and necessary consequence of perfect harmony of qualities and attributes in God is their mutually limited relationship. Each is consistent with all others; nothing is out of balance.

• “Super-symmetry” [definition number four] refers to the attempt, now almost exclusively in mathematics, to unify the divergent laws and forces which govern the universe. With God this equilibrium is inherent in his perfect divine poise.


Definitions: (1) available for service; (2) rendering assistance; mediating; (3) making the way clearer; guiding; (4) aiding in the growth of each individual; fostering; (5) supportive toward the objective; sustaining; cooperative; (6) improving all conditions; ministering; (7) provident; (8) elevating the mind to beneficial ideas and ideals

Comment: We can moderate our attitudes and behavior by asking for help, as in prayer. God will help in every way possible but he will not interfere in our personal choice process. The type of help received may be surprising, but in retrospect it will always be completely confirmed as wise and lovingly helpful. Prayer opens up the mind to sublime thinking often resulting in practical insight.



Definitions: (1) the objective reality, the source of all singular things; (2) the first thought, the source of all individual minds; (3) the original Person, the source of all unique personalities; (4) the creative value, the source of all differentiated ideals

Comment: We are dependent during this physical time upon the human body being healthy and alive, particularly the brain/mind connection. After our first physical body dies our essential cosmic identity (Spirit, personality, mind, soul, and valuable experiences) is preserved and continues to thrive.


Definitions: (1) the creator of light; luminous; (2) the giver of physical, mental, and spiritual light; (3) spiritually enlightening; resplendent; (4) to brighten with grace; (5) the giver of perspective; (6) the one who makes things clear; elucidating and uplifting; (7) mentally brilliant; illustrious; cogent; (8) shedding light on each detail; interpreter; (9) filling the universe with color

Quote: He shines; everything shines. — Hinduism, Katha Upanishad 5.15


Definitions: (1) the ultimate authority; unchallengeable; (2) worthy of being believed; reliable; (3) unable to make a mistake; unfailing; adept; (4) never in error; always accurate; (5) incapable of deception; dependable

Comment: God’s infallibility is a direct result of a perfect combination of omniscience and absolute wisdom. All of his decisions are determined with a resolute certainty. Everything has been taken into account.


Definitions: (1) beginningless and endless; ageless; (2) impenetrable; possessing mysteries beyond number; (3) existing before time; pre-existent; superfinite; (4) unable to be exhausted; undiminished; tireless

Comment: No matter how long it takes the finite universe to progress to its final perfect purpose it will be as a split second in the measurelessness of The Infinite.


Definitions: (1) filling with the spirit; (2) encouraging others to do and be their best; (3) the compelling influence to creative thought and action; (4) persuading by positive means to be good, recognize beauty, and know truth; (5) stimulating to service

Comment: The final step in learning something is the ability to give it away; to instruct others on the finer points. Experience is truly the best teacher.



Definitions: (1) the perfect interassociation of parts; (2) able to put back together again; complete; (3) seeing the actual way everything should fit together; fitting; (4) retaining the best of the past, nurturing the best of the present, and laying the ground for the best of the future; (5) insuring the coming together of all to form a cohesive Single Reality



Definitions: (1) completely honest and thoroughly proper; (2) the model of a morally upright nature; honorable; reputable; (3) worthy of the utmost respect; scrupulously principled; (4) very believable; sincere

Comment: When God decides to integrate things, meanings, values, and persons he does so with a willingness to preserve the best of the individual pieces. This simple ‘preservation of the actuals’ approach we would expect even from an efficient mechanistic universe.

In excess of the minimum, he also lets bloom the potentials latent within. These blossoms come to fruition with the help of struggle and cross-pollination. As a result, he is completing it (or us) not with simple addition but with a creative expansion of new reality.

He has designed the infinite to impinge upon the finite. We see the effect of the infinite interacting with the finite in many ways, particularly with values. But let’s take two examples from chemistry: 1) Add two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom and you get something more and very different from what could ever have been expected. 2) Add one each of sodium (a highly reactive metal) and chlorine (a poisonous gas) and you get table salt. This is the “superadditive” effect mentioned in Harmony definition number four.


Definitions: (1) able to produce great focus; mesmerizing; (2) able to arouse great desire to learn; thrilling; captivating; (3) always able to produce something unknown; stimulating; (4) the ability to regenerate and rejuvenate; refreshing; (5) able to give insight into new aspects; multifaceted; (6) able to invigorate curiosity; electrifying; (7) memorable

Comment: God is worth contemplating. Once we give ourselves a chance to think about him, we begin to see his nature and appreciate his character. Then, because of the positive nature of the attributes he possesses, we are drawn to take a personal interest in him. This leads to an appreciation of possibilities – his and ours. Once we begin to like him, we realize he must like us and also have our best interest in mind. We begin to trust in his ability to intercede in our lives. We begin to pray for how to proceed, a prayer for help. After receiving some truth and recognizing some beauty we feel some gratitude toward him. It is then not difficult to want to share in his qualities; to emulate his goodness. Seeing that we can embody these qualities, we know that genuine growth is possible. A closer understanding of who he is turns into a heartfelt acknowledgment of his great goodness which elevates appreciation to the level of worship.


Definitions: (1) indicative of the closest relationship possible; intrinsic; (2) directly connected; in touch; ever-near; (3) the inmost character of; self-experiential; (4) the essential part of; quintessential; (5) worthy of entrusting with the closest confidence; communicative; (6) able to see the point of view of another; linked; (7) willing to share and inform; interested

Comment: God is with us in many ways. He is omnipresent, present from the outside passing through all of finite time/space. He is also ubiquitous, present from the inside throughout finite reality. Our mind is a piece of the Universal Mind, the Holy Spirit. He is the source and destiny of our personality. He knows and loves us as one person does another. And he also indwells us as our cosmic identity. Each one of us is precious to him.


Definitions: (1) courteously requesting participation; attracting; (2) opening the way; showing the way; alluring; (3) eliciting wholesome desire; satisfying; (4) the essence of tact, finesse, and subtlety; (5) the most magnetic personality; charismatic; charming; (6) able to make himself evident to us; (7) engaging; likable

Comment: God asks us to allow ourselves to be enticed with the final grand adventure: the discovery of his unending qualities of divinity. Through us he becomes both found and finder.



Definitions: (1) conforming to the facts; reasonable; (2) able to discern accurately; discriminating; (3) the final judge; the universal appraiser; (4) pertaining to suitable treatment of; judicious; (5) approving of an honest effort; fair; (6) the ultimate value critic; the penetrating evaluator

Comment: Perfect knowledge and infinite wisdom assures the exact amount of justice and the precise amount of mercy to be applied to any living soul.



Definitions: (1) intrinsically good; affable; (2) the personal application of fairness; nice; (3) open-hearted; warmhearted; (4) willing to help; courteous; polite; (5) able to put up with a lot of abuse; clement; (6) not quick to lash out; forbearing



Definitions: (1) obedient to foreknowledge and wisdom; dutiful; (2) the giver of the innate ability to know fact from fiction and right from wrong; (3) the instigator of the principles of the actions of nature; (4) the giver of the divine command: “Be you perfect” from which all other law is derived; indisputable fixed clarity; (5) efficient; exact


• Since God’s actions are so well considered, they are often the same from one circumstance to the next. Thus his actions have been codified into the immutable laws of nature, physics, and all other branches of reality. But, since God is first a loving Person, consistency does not imply reality has a slavish hold on him, but rather a continual reaffirmation of his all-wise overcare. All of his actions show his volitional free will.

• Law is the foundation of the mercy ladder. Without law there would be no balanced justice; without justice, no insightful fairness; without fairness, no trusting patience; without patience, no unselfish kindness; without kindness, no genuine mercy; and mercy leads to the source and destiny of love.


Definitions: (1) animation of pattern and energy by Spirit upon matter; (2) that vital spark which allows an organism to absorb energy, associate with mind, grow, adapt, and reproduce; (3) the vivifier and revivifier; (4) the essential element of continued existence; soul; (5) the gift of consciousness

Comment: The loss of (physical) life has always been, and continues to be, the most fearsome and mysterious of facts. The first fact – the existence of a loving God – frees us from this greatest of worries. Our restored (heavenly) life is assured if we assimilate the indestructible substances of the universe: values.


Definitions: (1) that which makes it possible to see; showing the way; (2) extremely beautiful; ravishing; (3) broadcasting love; radiant; (4) emitting health; glowing; (5) diffusion of mental knowledge; enlightening; (6) emanating spiritual knowledge; elucidating; (7) free from burden; infused with joy

Comment: God is pure light. There is no darkness in Light, especially not in The Source and creator of light. All of God’s choices are good. Of course, there is no evil in God. Even though he gave us free will, he did not create evil. Evil is the result of immature and unwise choosing, a shadow across the Light.


Definitions: (1) the personification of all true, beautiful, and good qualities; God; (2) the greatest of all excellent qualities; the source of all positive qualities; (3) charitable; (4) endowed with admirable balanced qualities; (5) ability to give and draw intense interest or affection; (6) God’s benevolent concern for his creation; (7) the ability to elicit great pleasure


• God is Love. Love is God’s way. Love is the desire to do good for others. Love is genuine and unselfish. Love is the greatest thing in the universe and it can be attached to any person. Love is dynamic. Love is alive. Love is best understood in relationships.

• From our point of view, there are many qualities. To God there is only one. If we parse absolute love, we will discover all of the qualities we recognize, and project the probability of many more. Yet in him they fit together perfectly. He self-limits and balances every quality with every other quality. He is the ideal harmony of love.



Definitions: (1) very grand and dignified; august; prestigious; (2) admirable; esteemed; (3) astoundingly magnanimous; (4) exquisite, marvelous; (5) the maker of miracles

Comment: God has everything and can loose nothing – no matter how much of himself he gives away. Even a human who has everything can afford to be magnanimous. How much more generous is The One who wants us to share in everything he is?


Definitions: (1) disposed to forgive in perfect measure; (2) willing to pardon; sympathetic; (3) giver of hope and granter of rest; (4) ready to show pity; compassionate; (5) eager to relieve suffering; kindhearted; (6) caregiver; the good shepherd

Comment: One of our current human definitions of mercy is to let someone off easy, even though they deserve punishment. This is not God’s way. He would not remove our opportunity to learn from our mistakes. One of the most sacred qualities we can acquire is responsibility. He knows we can learn to be accountable for our actions. We reap exactly what we sow – good or ill.


Definitions: (1) the co-head of the household <in this case: the universe> devoted to the care, welfare, and rearing of the family; (2) the second Person of The Trinity; The Eternal Mother Son; (3) the nurturing aspect of God; (4) the source of abundance; plenty; (5) the universe <as a non-personal reality>

Comment: God is not male or female, those are human biological designations. Yet God has been referred to as both Father and Mother from time immemorial. Even though there is only one God, there are many facets, many positive aspects we can differentiate and appreciate from our finite point of view.


Definitions: (1) stimulating wonder; inspiring fascination; hypnotic; (2) exciting curiosity; intriguing; (3) beyond our most appealing dreams; unfathomable; (4) so awesomely sacred as to cause speechlessness; ineffable


• In human spiritual experience, the fact of God and the love of God are not a mystery. Mystery appears when we begin to fathom the details of the spirit realm. The finite mind can know only what is in its frame, albeit this limited frame is ever expanding with experience and revelation. The soul can know more.

• God has no reason to use magic. He knows all of the tricks but resorts to none of them. His primary motive is to share himself. The desire to discover is fascinating to all personalities and is hardwired into every mind. We naturally seek to learn more, not only about ourselves but also about the habits (laws) of God and the universe. All things are discoverable with his help; progress is inevitable.

• Once the current mysteries are unveiled there will be new and intriguing ones to hold our awe.



Definitions: (1) the actual, correct, and exact truth; (2) truly existing in reality; not assumed to exist; (3) possessing the final perspective; (4) the ultimate object of desire; the final goal; (5) eminently fair; unbiased; right-minded; (6) the most valid value(s); (7) that which focuses light

Comment: Even though we are finite, God does not leave us in the dark, able only to know reality from a totally circumscribed, subjective (bottom up) point of view. We can know the most important Objective (top down) reality there is. We can know love.


(1) producing all varieties, forms, and kinds; multifarious; diverse

     See Also: Creative


Definitions: (1) possessing unlimited power; almighty; (2) containing all actuals and potentials; (3) having infinite authority and influence; (4) maintaining total control; invincible; invulnerable; irrepressible; (5) able and competent to act with perfect correctness; (6) vigorous, lively

Comment: God’s power was the first great quality man understood – and feared. With the addition of wonder this fear was later supplanted by awe which was converted into reverence by the addition of respect for his power. Now we also have a greater appreciation of his good and merciful nature consequently we are motivated to love and worship him.


Definitions: (1) located anywhere and everywhere at all times; ever-present; (2) omnitemporal; (3) serving within creation; ubiquitous; (4) having infinite range; far-reaching; far-flung; boundless

Comment: All of the “omni’s” work together to hold all things and beings within the divine plan. God has to be everywhere (Omnipresent) so his all-powerfulness (omnipotence) can work with his absolute knowingness (omniscience). But we can continue to push the boundaries of our ideas about these attributes: from all space to all non-space, from all actuals to all potentials, from human persons to ultimate personalities, from consciousness to superconsciousness.


Definitions: (1) able to comprehend all deep and diverse reality; all-knowing; prescient; (2) capable of beholding everything; (3) able to see from every perspective all at once, omnispective; (4) able to hear all needs and respond to all thoughts; (5) possessing an infinite mind; intelligent; logical; rational; incisive; (6) aware of all things and able to synthesize them into a cohesive whole; cognizant; (7) having a complete and coherent perspective of everything; omnipercipient; (8) easily inventing new options and new realities; ingenious; (9) able to comprehend all incongruities and harmonize them; (10) able to commune with every person in the universe; perspicacious

Comment: We tend to think of intelligence in terms of human abilities. The smartest of us can hold several ideas at a time, can parse several lines of thought, and can do quick intuitive calculations. But we are like a single point compared to God. Everything has its existence in God. If God, for a split second, did not think about something (even a single atom) it would cease to exist. How much more precious is a singular soul? We can feel blessed and secure knowing God is always looking out for us.


Definitions: (1) individual autonomy; distinct; (2) exclusively what He Is; unique; unequaled; (3) indissoluble and indivisible; whole; (4) the singular preeminent Being; (5) the zenith; incomparable; matchless; paramount; peerless

Comment: The idea of One God grew first out of fear of the unknown, through reverence for the ghost spirits of the dead, then through nature spirits to pantheism, and on to henotheism (the few top gods), and finally to monotheism.


Definitions: (1) the originator and executioner of the overall plan of creation <with the ability to effectively and efficiently move reality forward according to this plan>; (2) the preparer of structure <physical and administrative>; (3) the designer of an interdependent system of organic cosmic order; <integrating nature, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.>; (4) the architect of the orderly and methodical mind; (5) presiding over organization; coordinator; director; (6) the expert correlator of all things, meanings, values, and beings

Comment: God’s plan is accommodating enough to encompass every possible set of decisions a person could make. His organization is so flexible as to offer just the right kind of help toward a more perfect state no matter where we are scattered along the road.



Definitions: (1) ministering to the growth of progressive beings; accommodating the needs of growing children; (2) steady perseverance in performing all tasks; diligent; (3) steadfast and consistent action; abiding; (4) self-controlled; long-suffering; even-tempered; (5) incapable of being provoked or angered; refraining from retaliation for wrongs committed; forbearing; tolerant; (6) the reliever of anguish

Comment: The Supreme Being possesses absolute patience. His patience in helping his finite family work out their perfection in time is boundless. He will continue to exhibit ultimate patience when the transcended time/space level of reality is reached. After that he still has the patience to offer an infinite number of unimaginable wonders within the absolute.


Definitions: (1) the discernible, coherent design upon which to base the total system; (2) the original arrangement and example of form; (3) the primary, discrete set of priorities from which all things are derived; (4) the original model for all subsequent reality; (5) the physical, personal, mindal, and spiritual guide showing the way; (6) the Person or ideal worthy of imitation and copying; (7) generosity sufficient to create all that divine pattern requires

Comment: God is the original pattern. The idea of a tree existed before the first seed took root. Form follows function. Function follows intention. His intention is Love. We think of the physical world as the most real of things, yet matter is the slow energy pattern of the pure substantive reality. DNA is the simple structural pattern; adding life to it is the source of the real skill. Light contains the rainbow. Vibration contains the symphony. Love contains the baby’s giggle, the helping hand, and the answers.


Definitions: (1) complete in all respects; without defect or omission; flawless; (2) thoroughly excellent; faultless; (3) completely correct and accurate; exact; precise; (4) without reserve or qualification; pure; impeccable; (5) totally effective; expertly proficient; (6) the ultimate ideal; the highest position; the acme; (7) nothing wanting; finished; (8) the creator of the desire to attain perfection

Comment: Our imperfection is part of the divine plan. We are designed to grow. God experiences growth through sharing our consciousness and adventures.


Definitions: (1) the original conscious, volitional being; (2) the source and destiny of all subsequent personalities; (3) the being who is designing, deciding, and directing creation; (4) agreeable; good-natured; friendly

Comment: Personality is not simply an attribute of God; it is the co-ordination of a unified will, an infinite nature, and their universally revealed expression. We can have an idea of a supreme force but we can only have a relationship with a person. Each and every person is unique and, if seen in its pure form, enjoyable. Only a person can love and be loved, and if that Person is God then the love coming in our direction is immense.


Definitions: (1) the best there is; the highest ideal; (2) independent of changes; absolutely objective; (3) beyond all doubt or qualification; undeniable; sure; (4) full of conviction; certain; confident; resolute; (5) affirming of practical reality; (6) directing everything with constructive momentum toward progress; (7) contributing to everyone’s growth; constructive

Comment: So many institutional religions look to move away from the negative, preventing sin and avoiding evil. The positive attitude is to turn your sight to the light, embracing goodness, seeking truth, and appreciating beauty.


Definitions: (1) the first; the original; (2) not deriving from something or someone else; authentic; (3) the ruling authority; (4) the most important one; standing alone; prominent; (5) the highest and best value; premier; (6) the source; the beginning; the first cause; (7) the one who prepares the stage; (8) unspoiled; pristine; beautiful

Comment: The First Source and Center is primal in all domains: finite and infinite, personal and impersonal, actual and potential, static and dynamic. Everything and everyone in existence is dependent upon the Prime Reality.


Definitions: (1) divine solicitude and direction; (2) the guiding force; fostering; (3) having and showing foresight; understanding; (4) the preparer of nurturance; (5) the provider of fundamental needs, <a planet to stand on, a body to inhabit, a spirit to guide us, a mind to understand with, choices to learn from, and a personality to unite it all>; (6) conscientious and prudent management; (7) considerate regard of the individual within the total circumstances; (8) the one who gets things moving; expediter; (9) the devoted guardian; the diligent caretaker; the assiduous defender; (10) the protector, preserver, and promoter of value; (11) willing to walk hand in hand; participative; (12) the bridge maker

Comment: Intervention is a character sometimes attributed to Divine Providence. From our point of view it may seem like the hand of God is changing the natural course of events but when seen from a larger perspective it is the efficient motion of the total plan unfolding as it should. God will not interfere with our free will, yet we are held in his tender watch-care.


Definitions: (1) perfect; (2) the essential spirit; fine; (3) clean; pristine; (4) genuine; objectively real; (5) in harmony; one; (6) self-evident; the initial a priori truth; indispensable; (7) immaculate; impeccable; unadulterated; (8) free from defects; faultless; spotless; (9) indestructible; inviolate; (10) untainted with evil or guilt; innocent; blameless; irreproachable

Comment: Like substances attract. The pure nature of God purifies the human heart as it moves toward its source.



Definitions: (1) in existence; (2) existential; (3) the objective fact; (4) indisputably actual

Comment: Are there any confirming means of identifying the truth of God? All such “proofs” are from personal experience. The first is the experience of the intellectual capacity for knowing God. The discovery, and self-verification of this intellectual idea, can be further substantiated by the personal and spiritual experience of loving and being loved in return. The observation that love, truth, beauty, goodness, and all other qualities of value are knowable in personal experience confirms ones confidence in non-physical, especially spiritual, facts.

Once the possibility of knowing God is verified, the second stage of proof becomes evident. This is the personal urge to find God. To the exact extent a person seeks God, does the Father pour in as much revelation of himself as can be received.

By this point, initial skeptical curiosity has been transformed through intellectual discovery and personal verification into reasonable faith. One is then tempted to experiment with the third stage of confirmation – the desire to be like God. Finding this possible is truly convincing.


Definitions: (1) attentive and open-minded; (2) sensitive and compassionate; serving with graciousness; (3) the giver of answers; (4) the listener and granter of prayers; (5) the benefactor of insights; (6) the satisfier of curiosity; (7) the fulfiller of all needs

• Just as all matter is responsive to material gravity, so too are all values subject to the absolute pull of spiritual gravity. And, luckily for us, souls are made of values.

• Our ability to accept the infinite love of God is not because he restricts his response to our needs in any way. He is always giving. We are the ones who cannot recognize his gracious gifts. We limit our receiving by our attitude, enlightenment, maturity, negative filters, openness, perspective, and willingness.


Definitions: (1) the appropriate use of power; (2) establishment and governance of moral principles; ethical rectitude; (3) the wise use of judgment; reasonable and fair; (4) the source of the correctness of truth; (5) honorably noble

Comment: A person with a righteous character co-ordinates ideas, decisions, ideals, and truths thus helping to create an ever-expanding soul.



Definitions: (1) showing the way to salvation; heroic; (2) rescuing from harm; deliverer; (3) the liberator from fear and death; (4) the retriever of souls; resurrector; (5) restoring to good standing; saving grace; (6) the vindicator of faith; (7) the rehabilitator of wrong thinking; healer; (8) the compensator for imperfection; (9) the destroyer of sin

Quote: You are all my children, and I am your Father. For age upon age, you have been scorched by multitudinous woes, and I have saved you all. — Buddhism, Lotus Sutra 3

Comment: There is no free ride, but we do get some help when we need it and ask for it.


Definitions: (1) aware of the self-evident fact of His own Divinity; autotheistic; (2) aware of His own existence; self-realizing; (3) aware of His own personality and individuality; self-knowing; (4) knowing His own mind; self-possessed; (5) cognizant of His own actions; self-accepting; (6) conscious of His own attributes and character; self-respecting

Comment: No quality or characteristic lives in a vacuum. Since God is personal he is, at least, conscious. Since we are also personal and conscious, we understand the feeling. Our consciousness is ever advancing. God’s consciousness is ever-aware.


Definitions: (1) willing to disclose His attributes to His creatures; (2) willing to make known His will to His creation; (3) willing to speak of His nature to the universe; (4) the assurance of truth

Comment: God is willing and able to impart fact, meaning, and value whenever the doors of the mind and heart are open. Revelation takes many forms depending on the ability and the willingness of the listener. One form is inspiration: auto-inspiration (just between you and God) or public inspiration, as with inspired writings. Another form is science. By study and discovery we find out more about the marvelous nature of our surroundings and with that the nature of The Maker of those things, systems, and forms. Revelation is often by association; the putting of two and two together. We are constantly integrating what we know and coming up with fresh insights. And maybe the most revealing of all is figuring out how to have loving relationships with others.


Definitions: (1) giving freely of Himself; selfless; (2) desiring the beings of His creation to participate in the joys of the creation to an ever increasing degree; magnanimous; (3) the great teacher; generous; (4) contributing everything possible; munificent; (5) liberal with rewards; altruistic; big-hearted; (6) serving His children; benefactor

Comment: Before God started time, before he created space, he was complete. Nonetheless he could not deny his fundamental nature. He decided to start the ball rolling because he is a giving Person. When we decide to share the meanings and values of our inner life with him we are partaking of that divine nature.


Definitions: (1) the cause of causes; (2) the antecedent of energy and matter; (3) the origin of personality; the I AM; (4) the ancestral spirit; (5) the progenitor of mind; (6) the heart of goodness; (7) the foremost authority and distributor of truth; (8) the basis and pattern of beauty; (9) the font of love; (10) the initiator of life; (11) the spark of light; (12) the inaugurator of service; (13) the Father of all brothers and sisters

Comment: All things, meanings, values, and persons are traced back to The Source of all reality. The way is broad enough to carry all of us back to him no matter what route we decide to take. Each of us is unique. The predictable ways make us feel safe; the unpredictable ways make things interesting.


Definitions: (1) the manager of all cosmic forces; controller; (2) the ruling authority over all others; all-prevailing; omniprevalent; (3) holding the reigns of power; in charge; (4) responsible for His followers; master; lord; (5) influential in the hearts of His subjects; tactful; (6) possessing overshadowing virtue; minister; (7) uninfluenced by bargaining; indomitable

Synonyms: commander, commanding, dominant, governing, governor, imperial, in control, king, leader, leading, masterful, mechanizer, monarch, overcontroller, regal, supervising, supervisor

Comment: We are sovereign over our own (God given) free will choices. God is sovereign over all else.


Definitions: (1) the breath of life; alive; (2) super-consciousness; high-minded; (3) the animating principle; inspiration; (4) the source of ideals and values; qualitative reality; (5) the invisible higher vibrational reality; supernatural; (6) the supreme moral and ethical standard; (7) the spiritualizing influence; (8) the father of the soul <the mother of the soul is the mind>; (9) the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit; (10) the third Person of The Trinity; the Infinite Spirit

Comment: Nothing material can transcend itself. We are physical and our bodies live and die. Our will is capable of choosing superfinite values and incorporating them into our being. Our soul lives on because it is made of the more basic spiritual substance of the universe: Spirit.


Definitions: (1) impossible to move or be thrown off balance; steady; fixed; (2) immutable in character; steadfast; (3) changeless; (4) unvarying in purpose; dauntless; (5) unified in administration; permanent; (6) full of composure; self-possessed; (7) holding the equilibrium of the universe; firm; solid; (8) trustworthy; stalwart; (9) self-sufficient

Comment: Things are constantly changing for finite beings. The one sure thing we can count on is the consistency inherent in, and caused by, the stability of God.


Definitions: (1) the extra and unexpected characteristics present when two (or more) are added together; (2) something more than, and something different from, the predictable additive consequences

     See Also: Harmony and Integrity




Definitions: (1) the original absolute thought of the Universal Father; (2) the personal thoughts of God; (3) the final will

Comment: All Divine thoughts, being perfect, are instantly (in infinity) or eventually (during the finite) manifest. He is the originator of purpose and his actions are full of reason.



Definitions: (1) full of thought; mindful; (2) actions resulting from thought, i.e. decisiveness and creativity; (3) the opener of eyes; intelligible; (4) able to keep track of all thought; reflective; (5) characterized by careful thought; deliberative and deliberate; (6) the conceiver of new ideas; imaginative; (7) the ability to turn ideals into ideas and ideals into ideas; (8) able to fit different thoughts together; elastic; supple

Comment: Our mind is hard wired with the ability to know right from wrong and fact from fiction. But it/we can also evaluate the future based on the experiences of the past. We can look before we leap. We can determine the value of something and then decide to pursue it. We can evaluate good, better, and best.



Definitions: (1) the inventor of respect; considerate; courteous; (2) heedful; careful; (3) concerned for the well-being of His sons and daughters; attentive; (4) willing to do everything to fulfill the needs of His family

Comment: The thoughts of God are so magnificent and so immense as to be beyond our ability to grasp completely. But he kindly makes it possible for us to comprehend his will in finite pieces.



Definitions: (1) worthy of being thought about with intense interest; engrossing; (2) worthy of active study; theology; (3) worthy of being meditated upon; worthy of devoted reflection; (4) worthy of being aware of and being pondered; (5) worthy of being contemplated; (6) worthy of being a beacon of hope and longing

Admonition: We learn humility in many ways, but one of the most profitable is thoughtful contemplation of the Divine.


Definitions: (1) beyond the bounds of the finite; supermortal; (2) superior to the material universe; multidimensional; (3) existing objectively to any human conception; eventuated reality; (4) spiritual reality; actualized reality; (5) excellence surpassing practical understanding; supereminent; (6) beyond the human realm; ethereal

Comment: God can help us in transcending our current finite state, but we have to choose to be more than we are. This is done by embracing those positive values inherent in, but not limited to, the finite.


Definitions: (1) the dependable custodian of reality; (2) the assurance of tranquility; reliable; (3) the one who puts minds at ease; certainty; (4) the one who makes failure impossible; (5) the one who shelters souls; security; (6) the one who frees us from anxiety and doubt; safety; (7) worthy to be given confidence; (8) forthright in dealing with His children; matter-of-fact; straightforward; (9) receptive to prayers

Comment: A relationship based upon personal devotion (having the best interest of the other in mind) with a human partner or The Divine Parent can only be had if it is founded on trust. His trustworthiness is undeniable.


Definitions: (1) in accord with reality; (2) the ideal of fundamental reality; (3) imparting true meaning; forthright; (4) reliably certain; accurate; (5) dependably exact; precise; (6) the source of veracity; genuine; (7) sincere; upright; (8) reflecting the essential character of the teacher; (9) definitively logical; honest

Saying: The truth shall set you free. Facts are uniform and static. Truth is flexible and living. Seek the truth and you will be rewarded with continual progress.



Definitions: (1) reality without prior source; self-existent; (2) the primal being in existence before the beginning; not created; (3) self-caused reality; the initiator; (4) never beginning but lasting forever; self-perpetuated; (5) the genesis of reality; self-generative; (6) The first cause producing original effects; free from inheritance derived from antecedent causation

Comment: There is great value in pondering the unponderable when it has to do with God because something is always revealed, some new insight is realized. The deepest mysteries remain hidden but the act of seeking is the key to discovery. Since what is to be discovered is limitless and because the source is extravagantly generous, the revelation of some piece of the puzzle is always forthcoming.


Definitions: (1) knowledgeable; discerning; (2) the source of the power and ability to think and to know; intelligent judgment; (3) friendly or harmonious relationship; an agreement in feeling; (4) helpful in the adjusting of differences; (5) fully aware of meanings and implications; (6) patient and tolerant of growth; sympathetic

Comment: To understand is literally to stand under. In this way God is the one who supports all reality with his empathetic knowledge.


Definitions: (1) perfect integration and continuity of the original plan and singular Divine purpose; holistic; (2) in complete agreement; of one sentiment; (3) in accord; having one objective: loving service; (4) changelessness of intent; versatility and unanimity in action; (5) a total greater than the sum of its parts; (6) exceptionally well thought out; inclusive of all for all time; (7) unable to be improved upon; undiluted; undivided


• When God assesses himself in his infinite realm, he recognizes One Being. Think of a sphere made of a series of perfectly connected hoops. Each ring is a different aspect of deity. From the outside we see many aspects. From the inside, he experiences himself as Unity.

• We know God is a single and unified Being. Yet when we look at him from our finite state, we see him expressing himself in all of his differing manifestations. There is simply too much God for us to take into mind as an infinite whole; we see only some of his “parts.” It will take a long time for us to integrate them all. The key to this integration is our personal incorporation of qualitative values. We have to be more valuable in order to see more value.


Definitions: (1) all of the whole; cosmic; (2) all-reaching; (3) related to all; the Universal Father; (4) covering all space, mind, time, influence, and personalities completely; (5) adaptable to all situations; applicable to all beings; (6) intended to be used by everyone; comprehensive; (7) differential infinity unified; the Universal Absolute

Comment: The attitude of love is universally true.


Definitions: (1) the supporter and sustainer of all reality; the conservator; (2) the protector and preserver of life; the maintainer; (3) ever watchful; vigilant and alert; (4) able to give undivided attention to every atom, person, idea, system, and relationship in the universe; (5) the one who lifts up; the one who prevents falling or failing; (6) willing to stand with us against all odds

Comment: Having given us free will, he will not prevent our slipping if we so choose. But he, and all of his friends and agents, are supportive until we understand his way is the right way.



Definitions: (1) the essence of worth; intrinsic worth; the ideal; (2) the ultimate desire; priceless; (3) adherence to the highest principles; probity; (4) worthy of the greatest admiration; estimable; cherishable; (5) the most precious of treasures; important; useful; (6) the embodiment of all virtue; attractive; appealing; (7) possessing the most fascinating qualities

Comment: God is forever. God is Value. It is impossible for any (actual or potential) value of God to ever be lost. We embody value in our soul.


Definitions: (1) worthy of profound respect; noteworthy; (2) worthy of worship or adoration; (3) worthy of praise; laudable; (4) worthy of appreciation; thankworthy; (5) worthy to be enshrined; sacred; (6) worthy of devotion; hallowed; (7) worthy of reverence; blessed; (8) deserving of deference; exalted; (9) of the most holy stature; sacrosanct; sanctity

Comment: Genuine supreme spiritual experience is beyond emotion, tradition, or philosophy. Once we know God, even to the small extent possible for us, we realize he is worthy of worship by all intelligent beings.


Definitions: (1) competent to act in any situation; flexible; pliable; (2) self-adjusting within the ever-growing complexity of the universe; self-correcting; (3) competent to spiritize human notions; adjuster; (4) available to satisfy any need; many-sided; resourceful; (5) able to make old things new; renewing; (6) ever-leading all beings toward the light; (7) skillful at turning and tuning a situation; deft

Comment: God does not do it all alone. As a matter of course (because of his absolute generosity) he gives away every task that can be done by any of his Sons or Daughters. As we become more like him, we will be able to serve to a greater degree.


Definitions: (1) the personal exercise of the Divine free will; self-willed; (2) the all-wise choosing made manifest; self-disclosing; (3) self-determinative; the free interpretation of the original thought

Comment: The Creator respects his own decisions. God is the one Person with free will who completely understands the value of free will. Since he knows its value, he decided to gift us with free will as well. He will not stray from his own perfect decisions. He will never violate our free will. He will respect our free will even if we choose foolishly. Neither will he coerce or compel us to submit to his bidding. Instead, he has given us the opportunity to affectionately dedicate our will as a precious gift to him. We can decide to be in harmony with his all-wise volition.



Definitions: (1) the personal exercise of the Divine free will; self-willed; (2) the all-wise choosing made manifest; self-disclosing; (3) self-determinative; the free interpretation of the original thought

Comment: The Creator respects his own decisions. God is the one Person with free will who completely understands the value of free will. Since he knows its value, he decided to gift us with free will as well. He will not stray from his own perfect decisions. He will never violate our free will. He will respect our free will even if we choose foolishly. Neither will he coerce or compel us to submit to his bidding. Instead, he has given us the opportunity to affectionately dedicate our will as a precious gift to him. We can decide to be in harmony with his all-wise volition.

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