Thursday, 27 January 2022, 3:28 PM
Site: Ascension University
Course: The Nature and Attributes of God (130-000000-101)
Glossary: The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary


Definitions: (1) the essence of worth; intrinsic worth; the ideal; (2) the ultimate desire; priceless; (3) adherence to the highest principles; probity; (4) worthy of the greatest admiration; estimable; cherishable; (5) the most precious of treasures; important; useful; (6) the embodiment of all virtue; attractive; appealing; (7) possessing the most fascinating qualities

Comment: God is forever. God is Value. It is impossible for any (actual or potential) value of God to ever be lost. We embody value in our soul.


Definitions: (1) worthy of profound respect; noteworthy; (2) worthy of worship or adoration; (3) worthy of praise; laudable; (4) worthy of appreciation; thankworthy; (5) worthy to be enshrined; sacred; (6) worthy of devotion; hallowed; (7) worthy of reverence; blessed; (8) deserving of deference; exalted; (9) of the most holy stature; sacrosanct; sanctity

Comment: Genuine supreme spiritual experience is beyond emotion, tradition, or philosophy. Once we know God, even to the small extent possible for us, we realize he is worthy of worship by all intelligent beings.


Definitions: (1) competent to act in any situation; flexible; pliable; (2) self-adjusting within the ever-growing complexity of the universe; self-correcting; (3) competent to spiritize human notions; adjuster; (4) available to satisfy any need; many-sided; resourceful; (5) able to make old things new; renewing; (6) ever-leading all beings toward the light; (7) skillful at turning and tuning a situation; deft

Comment: God does not do it all alone. As a matter of course (because of his absolute generosity) he gives away every task that can be done by any of his Sons or Daughters. As we become more like him, we will be able to serve to a greater degree.


Definitions: (1) the personal exercise of the Divine free will; self-willed; (2) the all-wise choosing made manifest; self-disclosing; (3) self-determinative; the free interpretation of the original thought

Comment: The Creator respects his own decisions. God is the one Person with free will who completely understands the value of free will. Since he knows its value, he decided to gift us with free will as well. He will not stray from his own perfect decisions. He will never violate our free will. He will respect our free will even if we choose foolishly. Neither will he coerce or compel us to submit to his bidding. Instead, he has given us the opportunity to affectionately dedicate our will as a precious gift to him. We can decide to be in harmony with his all-wise volition.