Thursday, 27 January 2022, 2:27 PM
Site: Ascension University
Course: The Nature and Attributes of God (130-000000-101)
Glossary: The Nature and Attributes of God Glossary


Definitions: (1) the Person from which everything emanates; (2) the foundational focal point; the nucleus; (3) the place of tranquil quiescence; stationary and still; (4) the fundamental source of power and authority; (5) the convergence of reality <physical force, personality and mind circuits, spiritual and physical gravity, and all life>; (6) the destiny of everything; the nexus; (7) holding everything together; cosmic cohesiveness

Inspiration: God encompasses all reality, is its source and center, is extant throughout it, and is its ultimate destination.


Definitions: (1) imparting reassurance, encouragement, and strength; (2) bringing solace and consolation in times of distress; (3) providing grace, hope, and cheer; (4) showing compassion and soul soothing kindness; (5) bestowing satisfaction and contentment; (6) the Teacher of all things

Comment: Definition number six, “the Teacher of all things,” helps us understand how comfort is beyond a simple hug with a sympathetic, “It will be all right. I’ll help you through this.” Comfort also includes information and security and understanding. The more we know the more comfortable we feel.

Some of God’s qualities (Omnipotence, Omniscience) are impossible to share. Some, like comfort, are where we have our opportunity to be like him. We can give comfort, in all of its forms (teacher, listener, inventor, nurse), to our brothers and sisters; all the while getting better as we practice.


Definitions: (1) the Person who brings everything into being; the originator; the ordainer of what is caused to exist; (2) characterized by originality and execution of first thoughts; (3) productive; inventive; omniferous; (4) the generator of reality: physical, mental, spiritual, and personal; (5) establishing and mandating the primal patterns, forms, and designs; the lawmaker; (6) self-moved by the motivation of love


• To appreciate and stand in awe of the creation is to give credit to The Creator for manifesting such prolific and imaginative innovations.

• God has also blessed us with a bit of the creative impulse. When we are being creative, we are sharing with him a fundamental quality of his nature. This gift is one reason why he does not give us all of the answers. It is part of The Plan that we discover anew reality for ourselves.