Topic outline

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    Discussions that are truly commensurate with the spiritual, intellectual, and societal development of a great humanity. These include:

  • Spirituality

    Discussion on Spirituality. A fine grain distillation of facts, meanings, and values to ferment appreciation as we work towards a more spiritual perspective on the gift of life. These soul talks focus on developing an understanding of personality, its origin, pattern, manifestations, and how it becomes unified as we mature. 

  • Psychology

    Discussion on Psychology. Considering research and speculation related to the endowment of mind. We ask “Is mind the mediator between things material and spiritual?” Or “Does mind merely exist at the center of a triangle defined by informational, biological, and behavioral sciences?

  • Theology

    Discussion on Theology. Is there a God and, if so, what is my relationship with this God? Whether your answer is “no” and “none,” or “yes” and “the most intimate possible,” you are welcome to join us as we sample the conversation along with the offerings of Asheville’s local breweries, cideries, distilleries, and wineries.

  • Cosmology

    Discussion on Cosmology. Whatever your inspiration, from macrocosm to microcosm, you will find resonance with a group of people who are thoroughly jazzed by just how well our universe of universes works.