A right act strikes a chord that extends through the whole universe, touches all moral intelligence, visits every world, vibrates along its whole extent, and conveys its vibrations to the very bosom of God!   —Thomas Binney (1798-1874)


Middle English infinit, from; Anglo-French, from Latin infinitus, from in- ( not, in, into) + finitus finite (having definable limits)

a : extending or lying beyond
b : being greater than any preassigned finite value however large
c : subject to no limitation
d : immeasurably great

good: Middle English, from Old English god; akin to Old High German guot good, Middle High German gatern to unite, Sanskrit gadhya what one clings to
-ness: state, condition, quality, or degree of

a : a favorable character or tendency
b : bountiful
c : attractive
d : reliable, sound
e : agreeable, pleasant
f : salutary, wholesome, something useful or beneficial
g : true
h : honorable, of praiseworthy character
g : very satisfactory
i : virtuous, right, commendable
j : kind, benevolent
k : competent, skillful
l : conforming to the moral order of the universe
m : beneficial