Association Sponsored Fellowships (ASFs)

Fellowship - From the Old Norse félagi, where. means fee and lagi means to lay down. In the current social context the term refers to individuals mutually associated as they devote time, talent and treasure on behalf of a joint undertaking or Great Commission. It is the means whereby an individual seeks to engage oneself by promise or pledge.

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A Ministerial Association: Servicer

As the second cornerstone in FACT, the Association will be a membership organization serving our Beloved Sovereign through the building of authentic community while engaging in loving service to a greater humanity. The Ministry will engage in helpful activity to harmonize our Spiritual Discipleship and promote growth. It will build a highly energized Benevolence Engine and Diplomatic Service for the Kingdom of Heaven. The Association will emphasize the Factor of Service (FACTORS) through a process of socialization and cross pollinization. It will advocate the Aevia Group's emphasis on Individual Advancement, through Ascension Cafe, and develop the School for Service to All (SSA ( as a component of Ascension University. This entity will also foster certain Association Sponsored Fellowships (ASFs) as appropriate.