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by Claus Oliver - Friday, 10 September 2021, 7:44 AM
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Path Of Exile What New Players Need To Know

Because Path of Exile has unique game mechanics, this game attracts a large number of players. Many of these players are new players and they have not been exposed to Path of Exile before. These new players may have heard that poe currency is very important in this game, but this is not enough to keep us at an advantage in the game. So what should these new players know? Let's take a look at what new Path of Exile players should know.

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Path of Exile Information New Players Need To Know

The Path of Exile area may be harsh. Some newbies right here may have felt a pattern. This activity trading unit could be random. Look at contrasting rates along with 3rd party investing websites to stay clear of low-price investors and scalpers. Gamers can easily opt for to buy POE Currency on sites including Eznpc. Numerous beginners can easily likewise discover some giants on the planet conversation. Requesting aid or some problems in the conversation has an odds to draw in some trolls, but if you experience that type of offenders, gamers can report all of them whenever.

May pass away a great deal in the late game. Some gamers that have optimized the damage of their characters want to adjust the difficulty of the video game. Throughout the history of Path of Exile, the lot of electrical power escalates has enhanced considerably. This spreading of electrical power also relates to the damage the player receives, thus there is no deficiency of premature deaths in the final stage of Path of Exile. Satisfy take note that the journey of the gamers ' 1st personality (from degree 1 to over 80) carries out certainly not stand for a later video game encounter, which is so much more challenging.

Path of Exile is a large free RPG game, we can enter this game with confidence, it will not bring us loss. So we should try to enter Path of Exile at this time.

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by Claus Oliver - Thursday, 26 August 2021, 10:25 AM
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There is a huge world in PSO2 New Genesis. We can't move in this world by walking. It takes too much time. So the development team added a fast-moving system to this game, players can use this system to quickly reach the designated location. Let's take a look at more details about fast travel.

How to fast travel in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis?

Teleporting serves as the fast travel system in Phantasy Star 2: New Genesis, but to use this teleporting system, you will need to seek out what is called a ryuker device. 

PSO2 New Genesis: Ryuker devices

Ryuker devices are small pillars like the one shown above, and using them will allow the player to teleport to another location in the game. 

Players can also locate these ryuker devices in different locations on earth, and if they want to use it to teleport to yet another location, all they need to accomplish is walk up to it and hit use on it. Once hit, the player will certainly at that point require to opt for the option that says teleport and after that select their location coming from the planet chart that is going to pop up not long after.

Nevertheless, teleporting is not the only thing you may do with ryuker devices. You can easily additionally utilize them to keep items in your limited stock area using the option referred to as storage space. Besides storage, you can additionally take advantage of the quick food items option to make meals as you can in the central city at the meals stand.

Through fast travel, we can reach any position in the game world in a very short time, and we can complete many tasks in a short time. This means that we can quickly obtain a large number of equipment, weapons and PSO2 New Genesis Meseta in the game.

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PSO2 New Genesis Guide: A Quick Way To Get PSO2 Meseta

In the past two months, many players have entered PSO2 New Genesis. This is a brand new game that brings us more fun. However, if you want to become powerful in this game quickly, you need a lot of PSO2 Meseta, so how do we quickly get PSO2 New Genesis Meseta in Phantasy Star Online 2?

1. Do Weekly Missions With Multiple Characters

The first thing on our list of weeklies is in running multiple characters. A lot of things listed in this guide can be repeated every week or every day as many times as you have characters, as long as they're at least level 51. Every week your weeklies will have multiple missions available that will generate 2.1 million PS02 Meseta if completed. 

The first thing on our list of weeklies remains in managing numerous characters. A bunch of things listed within this overview can be repeated weekly or even every day as a lot of times as you possess characters, provided that they're at least degree 51. Each week your weeklies will certainly have various missions accessible that will create 2.1 million PS02 Meseta if completed.

2. Complete Daily Orders

When your character gains access to extremely difficult which carries our team to our following factor grab dailies every day on each personality. The everyday purpose NPC will certainly consistently possess missions that will reward you with 60,000 PS02 Meseta as well as more. Regardless of whether you do not have the opportunity to operate all of them all on the very same day, still, choose all of them up and also clear all of them across the weekend if you need to, these goals perform not run out, so stack all of them up and also go. By themselves, they will produce concerning 2 thousand Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a full week per personality.

3. Run Extreme Quests

An additional method to make a good loan is actually to run harsh pursuits, especially floor 36 to 40 and flooring 56 to 60 coming from the wrecks harsh journeys which ought to be the third alternative in the excessive mission menu. Every day, you'll acquire one excessive pass for free of cost, therefore make sure to use it generally without boosters. You can exchange 6 Excuses for one harsh successfully pass at the Excuses personal computer, as they much less recommended a way to generate cash, you could trade 30 Excuses for a full stack of mills at the Excube NPC. Selling those at a store in Personal Computer will certainly net you concerning 400,000 Meseta a pile. But honestly, our company would only do this if you're hurting for cash.

You might as well trade in 6 Excuses for an extreme pass, let's do some quick match: 6 Excuses will get you about 180 grinders, and selling 180 grinders at the NPC would get you about 72,000 Meseta,  the extreme pass for the same price will give you an average of 105,000 Meseta. It's a no-brainer.

4. Keep Any Items You Find & Sell Them On Player Shops

Finally keeping this free-to-play friendly. Keep any items you find, that are worth more than any amount of Meseta you deem acceptable. Whenever you're lucky enough to get a shop ticket from fun scratch take the opportunity to dump your inventory on the player shops, you can also trade in your 10-star weapons for potent spheres and sell those on the player shops at the same time. Potent spheres usually sell at about 25,000 Meseta each. This might be something you don't want to do early though since you'll need Fulton spheres to upgrade your gear in the future. And for those wondering we did the math and exchanging to Fulton spheres for 3 mag food device minis, which pays you less in the current market, of course, if you're a premium user you don't have to worry about all this. Sell your items on the player shops, list whatever you want and that should be it for today.

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When you have a large amount of PSO2 Meseta can be used not only to enhance equipment but also to purchase various items in PSO2 New Genesis. We hope this guide can help you get rich in PSO2.

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by Claus Oliver - Friday, 6 August 2021, 4:52 AM
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Is PSO2 New Genesis Worth Playing?

New Genesis is an interesting beast of a game. At this moment New Genesis is about where PSO2 was at in the course of launch in information relations: that is to claim, it is approximately 15 hours worth of story as well as a rare endgame, which depends intensely on how much you like participating in its entirety up to that factor.

For me, the delight of the adventure itself far outweighed the reliance on battle power, or the need to immediately do what’s next. The open world of Aelio is an absolute joy to run around in, in no small part because Sega moved so freeing and fun. Every character possesses access to a generous dash, double bar, as well as glide, which can be used to traverse almost any type of obstacle in the activity. 

The thrill of racing across the map to help a team fight off a big ass monster still hasn’t gotten old. Mentioning, New Genesis uses the Guild War 2 style of open-world participation, where you'll randomly come across gamers in the wild and get full credit for journeys when taking part in wars: even if you may not be really "tough partied" up.

Combat is just as interactive. It’s fast and the aforementioned movement focus ensures that you’re always zipping around, seeking out enemy weak spots with positions. Some of the one in charges are looming and also tough, and when I am actually in the fray along with a group of unique classes, it feels like every person is providing: as well as appearing amazing while doing it. Rushing and very big incredibly jumps allow you to get up to the degree of skyscraper-high enemies, and also the floaty fight permits you stay certainly there and also bash.

Microtransactions are about on par with PSO2 so far: there’s a huge focus on cosmetics, with options for more storage and the like (which won’t be a problem if you’re starting completely fresh here). Going back to the perspective of whether or not it’s worth investing in New Genesis, if I had one chance to give prospective players advice, it would be to take your time. If it doesn’t blow up now into a widely successful free-to-play game, it has the potential to do so with more updates under its belt. 

Now PSO2 New Genesis has added more content, including a new class "Braver". To gain more advantages in this game, you can purchase PSO2 Meseta at Eznpc.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Guide: Warning About Skill Points

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has been released for two months, and many new players have entered the game during this time. There are many problems in this game that new players need to pay attention to, which can help you enter this game more smoothly.

If you’re a new player, there are some things you should know about skill points:

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Firstly, when you slot points into a skill, there is currently no simple method to correct this action. Luckily, each class possesses an overall of 114 skill points offered to the port, therefore making a handful of blunders will not be the end of the world.

In the North American server, All Class Skill Point Reset passes have been distributed with the release of each new class yet they have certainly not been provided using some other method. Our team is right now overtaken the same lessons as the Japanese hosting server and also there are no additional lessons considered to become added to the game. It is presently unidentified if there is any planning to help make these available through any other methods, but also for the amount of time being, your skill assortments are permanent.

There is an option to purchase a second blank skill tree for 500 AC per class and you can move that to another class for 100 SG per move, so technically there is a work-around in place, but if you’ve made a lot of mistakes on several classes and you’d like to wipe the board and start over, there is currently no convenient method of doing this.

You will also appear with the alternative of choosing an encouraged create. This will certainly offer you an assortment of pre-selected abilities based on your available points and also the present amount. This isn't a wonderful idea. The default load-outs are commonly less effective than a custom configuration. Nevertheless, if each of these is baffling to you as well as you don't intend to be bothered by it, this is a one-on-the-call option. Feel in one's bones that if at any kind of point you alter your thoughts, as pointed out over, there are presently no straight ways of rubbing the board and also starting over.

Of course, the most important thing for new players is PSO2 NGS Meseta, using these currencies we can quickly become powerful, and then we can gain an advantage in the game.

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by Claus Oliver - Friday, 23 July 2021, 3:13 AM
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Use Tips In PSO2 New Genesis

Many characters can be created in PSO2 New Genesis, these characters have different characteristics, I believe that each character can bring you enough fun. Here we will introduce you some tips when you use Ranger, which can help you in the game more smoothly.

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Tips and Tricks:

highly recommend making some mixture of an Assault Rifle/ Launcher Multi-Weapon if you're mosting likely to principal Ranger. The Rifle as well as Launcher Weapon activities with each other give you with a/ great deal/ of utility on their own, and having the capacity to utilize the best PAs of the two items makes for some fatal productivity. Certainly not needing to change between weapons every time you need to have to access the potential collection of one or the other allows your to be astonishingly receptive and extremely versatile on the battleground in a manner that switching weapons just can't review to.

Try to stay in the air and DPS. While counters are all well and good, for Ranger your sustained DPS options and distance will more safely win you the day. There’s tons of tools for this in their kit. Multi-Launch will keep you at the same height it’s activated, buzzing enemies with exploding shells from the skies like a Gundam, and you won’t lose any height as long as you spam it. Launcher normal attack, uncharged, also allows you to maintain height so long as the attacks are chained together and you move in a direction. It seems like you will lose some height slowly if you stay in one place.

Rifle Weapon Action>Launcher Normal or Rifle Weapon Action>Multi-Launch will also help you maintain altitude, reposition in the air, and lose minimal height at the end of the Rifle WA.

My general rotation for a boss ends up looking something like Launcher WA>Weak Bullet>Multi-Launch until approx.40%PP after Sticky Bomb procs>Rifle Grenade WA>Multi-Launch until low PP, repeat. This gets me a pretty decent flow from the class, and I rarely ever feel like I’m running dry on PP unless I mess up.

For those minutes when a Boss receives "Downed", relying on your PP, Weak Bullet > Photon-Blast > Fear Eraser concerns as maximum as you may acquire. If your Photon Blast isn't readily available, holding Fear Eraser provided that you can will certainly do the job.

If your PP is reduced, with any luck your Rifle Grenadier WA is readily available to stream in to Multi-Launch after Weak Bullet. Worry Eraser is a little bit of a negative concept in these situations, as in charge will likely begin dealing with once again before you can get enough PP to make it worth utilizing as well as leaving you available to a harm.

Finally, we can purchase PSO2 NGS Meseta to strengthen the character we created, so that our character can complete more tasks.

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Aion Classic was released on June 23. After the game is released, players can choose to play for free or pay for more fun. So would you choose to play a paid game?

Would You Choose To Play Aion Classic As A Free Player?

In the Aion Classic, when chasing Balaur or defeating enemy players in The Abyss, totally free test players will certainly not gain any type of Abyss points. This might be the maximum limitation free of charge gamers. The void is among one of the most fascinating web content in "Aion", however, the enjoyment that gamers can enjoy is restricted. Unlike refining your experience in other ways, you can do this despite your subscription status. The entire factor of fighting in The Abyss is to make these points as well as level up. Without it, the threat of being captured by a team of adversary gamers and losing some factors in death is ineffective.

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Sadly, the presence of new players has also been considerably reduced. This is not to state that it does not exist, it's simply that it is dramatically less than the first week, due to the fact that everyone can use the polite Siel halo. This is beneficial to me to a certain extent, due to the fact that I don't need to complete it for hunting grounds or mission purposes. Please keep in mind that after doing a player search around 6:00 PM PST, the complete number of internet players is about 1,600. Among them, concerning 100 are between degrees 1-10 (I assume it is the guide phase), 200 are in-between degrees 11-20, and 350 are in between levels 21-30. We can use Aion Classic Kinah to gain an advantage in this game.

These may seem very low-they may be compared to some other MMOs-but never feel empty or barren in Aion Classic. I still see many other players running around or yelling in the LFG channel, and the Elyos hunt in the abyss is still much more than I want. There are also many boats that can accompany you because their continuous spam in the chat is increasing unabated. 

As a free trial player, I still like to play Aion Classic, although not like I did in the first place. Subscription feels like a necessary condition for enjoying the classic experience-I think it is technically a classic experience. 

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by Claus Oliver - Wednesday, 7 July 2021, 6:37 AM
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There are many important materials in Phantasy Star Online 2, these items can be used in the game to buy and upgrade our weapons, which can help us become stronger.

What is Monotite in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis?

Monotite is one of the most crucial materials in Phantasy Star Online 2, considering that with this you can upgrade your weapons and hence boost their performance, in addition to being the first in accordance with various minerals that you will discover on earth Halpha.

How To Get Monotite?

Where is Monotite in Phantasy Star Online 2?

Monotite can literally be found all over the place, in many sectors of planet Halpha. The best place to look seems to be in rocky areas in and around Central Aelio.

How to get Monotite in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis?

This material can be discovered without issue everywhere, in numerous sectors of the planet Halpha, being that its rarity is the lowest, so it can be discovered in the initial areas of the game more frequently in the rocky areas, where they are the high cliffs grouped in separated courses in the form of caverns.

We suggest heading to Central, North as well as West Aelio, although if you relocate a little bit away from these areas you will certainly still be able to locate Monotite a little bit much less often, as well as you should keep in mind that the Monotite nodes do not continue to be in the exact same place where the come across previously, plus his respawn time is random.

Another way to obtain Monotite is by buying it in the shops, exchanging it at the respective NPC in the main square for N-Grinders or getting some rewards for tasks, even so these forms are random, they depend on money or valuable resources. So the best option is to simply search in the wild, which will also allow you to obtain additional resources.

To extract this material you will have to attack the rocks and destroy them so that the material falls, and you can take it. In this game, we can also use PSO2 NGS Meseta to set the estimate.

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Towers is a more difficult version of Cocoons. After clearing any Tower, the player will get 4 skill points. Through Towers in Phantasy Star Online 2, we can quickly improve our Battle Power.

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Here is a map made by community member Kosnag, where we can quickly find all the content, providing locations of containers (most notably red ones, which are static and have the best rewards), cocoons, towers, Ryuker Devices (fast travel spots), minerals, and urgent quests. Here we will introduce to you the location of Tower.

Where Can Players Get Tower?

Central Aelio

Great Wall:

  1. Location - Far east of Central City, nearish to the zone boundary leading to Vanford Laboratory Ruins.
  2. Objective - This is the most 'dungeon-like of the towers. You'll have to clear through a few spaces of random selections of opponents, followed by a mini-boss fight with e Daityl Sword. 

South Aelio

Aero Runner:

  1. Location - To the east of the Mt. Piccolt peak in South Aelio
  2. Objective - This is a mostly non-combat Tower, implying it can be an easy 4 Skill Points even if your Battle Power doesn't meet the suggested level.

West Aelio


  1. Location - Located at the very north part of West Aelio, directly west of the Altolani Plateau region in North Aelio
  2. Objective - One of the harder Towers, you'll be dealing with three mini-bosses, and one of the Side Missions restricts how many of the other opponents you're permitted to beat.

By completing Tower missions we can obtain skill points, using these skill points we can become more powerful, and then we can get more PSO2 Meseta.

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Due to the unique game mode of Path of Exile, this game has attracted a large number of players. Especially when a new league starts, many players choose to enter the game at this time.


However, it is unwise to enter the game blindly, which puts us at a disadvantage in the game. Before entering the game, we should first understand this game. Now we will introduce some things that we need to know before entering the Path of Exile.


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Path Of Exile: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting The Game

You Need A Lot Of Time To Learn The Path Of Exile


Path of Exile is a game that does not hold the player's hand, as well as thus, anyone expecting to learn everything in the video game's "tutorial" is just setting themselves up for frustration. You'll need hundreds of hrs to discover the game.


It's not something you play until you complete the story and then anticipate a fulfilling verdict or ending. Then with one voice thought about the "fun" part of the game is finding or making a character build or skill combo that will allow you to either min-max or race through everything. To reach that point is an achievement in itself.


The League Is The Most Important Way To Play


Leagues are Path of Exile's method of keeping its gamers, as well as they run on a 13-week cycle. Each brand-new league adds a gimmick or brand-new auto mechanic to the video game that spices it up. There are rewards certain per league, as well as gamers will certainly need to begin again with a new character if they sign up with a League. It sounds like the extremely meaning of craziness and also it possibly is, but those League-exclusive incentives are as well hard to miss.


Prepare To Mess Up Your First Character


In Path of Exile, anticipating to do well on your first shot indicates you're a beginner, as well as your dreams will get crushed. The game's complicated skill tree (or network) as well as skill gem system heaps layers upon layers of methods to build your character.


Therefore, it's ideal to not take your initial character seriously. Despite just how well you believe you constructed them, possibilities are, they'll obtain compressed like bugs in the late game.


There's No Traditional Currency In The Game


In ARPGs like Diablo and also other video games, gold is the conventional currency that makes the economic climate flow. In Path of Exile, ignore your modern notions of a capitalist economy as only a barter system exists in this video game. Whatever the in-game NPC sellers offer calls for orbs, which are the faux currency of the game as well as they can be found in numerous forms of enhancing rarity.


That's additionally what gamers will require of others when they want to buy and sell products. The orbs are not like gold or various other coins which have no usage besides financial value. Each orb has a function as well as can change products, implying they likewise double as crafting products. It's back to the Stone Age in Path of Exile.


Don't Treat It Like A Diablo Clone


It might have begun with Diablo as its prime inspiration, but Path of Exile has transcended beyond that. It's a solid game of its own that's a far cry from the comparatively simple mechanics of Diablo II (which is the most complex Diablo game to date).


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