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by Claus Oliver - Wednesday, 3 March 2021, 3:08 AM
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When a new player of Path of Exile enters the game, the first thing is to create a character class of his own. Among them, Tank Marauder is a good choice. Let's introduce to you what skills we have when using Tank Marauder.

Some Tricks Of Path Of Exile Tank Marauder

The first active skill gem that you will see that is useful for a tank build is Molten Shell. In essence, the skill encases you with a molten shield that increases your armor for ten seconds. If you take more than a predetermined amount of damage within those ten seconds, then the shell explodes, dealing fire damage to all surrounding enemies. 

Near the end of the first act, you will get your first support gem. pick the gem that grants life on hit, as it helps you, tank enemies, for longer periods. I like to add the life-on-hit effect to my Heavy Strike gem, but your mileage may vary.

Since you're going to be heavily invested in Strength (more Strength equals more Life), the best type of weapons to use are axes. Swords tend to either be both Str/Dex or pure Dexterity in this game. I've seen plenty of maces, but a fair number of them are Str/Int. 

You will want to use three health flasks and two mana flasks. Since mana isn't as big a concern as your health is, you can afford to use a Bubbling Mana Flask for one of your two mana flasks slots (Bubbling Flasks halve the recovery effect and time, but also remove the Frozen and Chilled debuffs).

It goes without saying, but don't hesitate to use your flasks if need be! Remember that enemies give charges towards refilling your flasks when you kill them.

Try not to get yourself surrounded by extremely hard monsters, such as Elites (yellow text named monsters) and Uniques (gold text named monsters). If in doubt, feel free to run away until your life regeneration passives do their thing!

Use a shield! This is non-negotiable! Leave the two-handed weapon shenanigans for those Marauders who decide to build their melee damage instead of their life and armor! Having a Shield grants you extra armor and a chance to block enemy attacks.

Consider building into Blood Magic as soon as possible. You can reach Blood Magic before level 30 if you don't deviate into side branches of the skill tree too much. What does Blood Magic do? Well, it zeroes out your mana and makes you use Life to use your skills. That sounds bad in theory but, in practice, you're a Tank Marauder! You're stacking life (and armor, never forget the armor, especially later on) bonuses with no regard for anything else! Getting Blood Magic lets you dedicate all five flask slots to life flasks and do away with all considerations of mana.

To beat the Act 1 boss, you will need some Cold Resistance. Diamond Skin starts you off, but I recommend having at least 40%. This is easily doable if you purchase, find, or otherwise acquire a Sapphire Ring (grants at least 20% Cold Resistance) as well as having the aforementioned passive skill.

You can buy some Poe currency before you enter the Path of Exile. It is used to players Trade Items, Strengthens Equipment, Skill Gems, etc. Only when players have enough Path of Exile currency can have better gaming experience.


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