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by sushmita mukherjee - Saturday, 15 January 2022, 8:17 AM
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Giving birth to a baby is one of the most amazing things a woman can experience in her life. Though the process of labor and delivery can be intense and exhausting, it can also be successful and rewarding. Here are six tips to help ensure a successful normal delivery.

1. Confirm no complications before going into labor

In the past, women have not been allowed to go into labor until medical tests showed that their babies were big enough to survive and there were no other medical problems. Today, doctors encourage women to let labor begin naturally. Having a baby is a natural experience and this gives mothers-to-be the opportunity to begin labor in a very controlled setting. If your pregnancy is normal, you will be encouraged to let nature take its course.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

The best lady gynecologist in Indore says that it is important for expectant mothers to keep themselves hydrated during labor. Though it may be difficult to hold down water due to the intense sensations of labor, drinking small amounts frequently is important. If at all possible, try to drink around 6-8 oz of water every hour until you are no longer feeling thirsty. Though this may be difficult depending on the intensity of your labor, it will help keep you energized and focused throughout the process.

3. Monitor the intensity of your contractions

Contractions vary from woman to woman and even from one labor to the next. Before you begin standard contractions, it is best to determine whether or not they are normal. Begin by timing each contraction on a clock and seeing how long they last and how far apart they come. If you notice that your contractions are coming close together, lasting longer than about 1 minute, and are very intense, it is time to let your doctor know.

4. Ensure that you trust your body

While there will likely be times during labor that the process feels rather uncomfortable or even painful, it is important to remember that this is your body's natural way of preparing itself to give birth. By keeping a positive outlook and trusting your body's capabilities, you can avoid becoming overwhelmed by the process and thus make it through with ease.

5. Encourage those around you

It is important for both mothers-to-be and their partners to keep each other as calm as possible during labor. Though it may be difficult to keep calm yourself, doing so will help you get through the labor process. If your partner is not helping to keep you calm, let them know what they can do to assist with this important task.

6. Know when it is time to go into the hospital

There may be times during labor that you feel like staying at home may be most healthy. However, if you are unable to keep yourself calm or your contractions have become intense and close together, it is time to rust to a gynecologist doctor in Indore. At this point, the best thing for the mother-to-be may be an induction of labor so that she can begin pushing as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts:

Every woman's body is different and every labor process will be quite different from the last. As long as you monitor yourself and your contractions, trust your body, encourage those around you, and know when it's time to go into the hospital, you should have a smooth and successful labor process.