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Anyone in the world

Every one is going to appear and show you the true power between the products. After every monster is killed ( The critters change between anything in Runescape), head back to the clerk in OSRS gold the booth and he/she will say that the item prices have returned to normal and everything is okay and thank you for your help. Hope this was a good hint. I thought it was when I was thinking about the idea while enjoying RS.

Quests: Desert Treasure, Lunar Diplomacy, Fairytale Part II - Heal a Queen, Rune Mysteries, Toktz-Ket-Dill, Nature Spirit, Wolf Whistle, Priest in Peril, Pirate's Treasure. Start Point: Magic Guild in Yanille, speak to that guy that comes out when you ring the bell o_O

Talk to the bell guy and ask him about"the rumored New Magicks". He will tell you of the Natural Magicks, a spellbook that emphasizes nature. He will then tell you to refer to this Nature Spirit, since it's likely he would know something of it. Talk to him and inquire about the Natural Magicks. He'll inform you he knows of the mythical magic, but he wants several elements to properly use it. The elements are Liquid Starflower, Desert Mist, Magma Vein, Lunar Shard plus a Magatrice Pouch. Decide on a starflower and grind it with a pestle and mortar. You may get Starflower Essence. Add this into a vial of water and it'll become Liquid Starflower.

To obtain Desert Mist, you must head in the desert, north of the Shantay Pass. Look about on the minimap to get a"!" Dungeon Symbol, which will be in the form of a rope ladder resulting in a hole. CLimb the ladder down and buy RuneScape gold you will end up with Desert Titans (Level 114), so be prepared. When you reach the end of the chasm, there should be a Misty Pool, use another vial with the pool to obtain Desert Mist.