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Anyone in the world

I realized I had to write about Swampletics a couple of RS gold weeks back while viewing an Old School Runescape Twitch flow. The streamer, B0aty, was idly harpooning sharks at the game's Fishing Guild when another participant strolled up sporting an extremely distinctive outfit. They began spamming emotes on the fishing dock, and within minutes every single participant in the Fishing Guild, and of course the total Twitch conversation of several thousand viewers, captured the joke and exploded into a chorus of PogChamps. Every last one of these was chanting the same name: Swampletics.

Simply put, Swampletics is a Runescape character who cannot trade with other players, store any items in your bank, oreven -- and this is the real kicker--leave the swampy region of Morytania. Settled must use the extremely limited resources available in Morytania to advance, and he has to do everything on his own with only 28 inventory spaces--as opposed to hundreds of bank slots--to operate with. Settled's aim would be to strengthen Swampletics into the stage that he can finish the Theater of Blood raid located within Morytania, which is no small feat even on a maxed-out character with the best gear without any limitations. You may think he'll just get a group of maxed personalities to carry him throughout the raid, but you would be wrong. As Settled explained in a recent movie, his eventual raid team will have to match the equipment and items he has on Swampletics, so the strength of his accounts is going to be the deciding factor in the ninja's achievement.

I've been following Old School Runescape for quite a very long time--hell, I have been after games for a long time--and I have never seen fan-made content capture fire in this way. Every single episode of the Swampletics series has over 300,000 views, and the latest episode frees up over 200,000 viewpoints within nine hours. Settled's subscriber count has more than tripled--from 52,000 to 183,000--in three months and shift. The hook rate on Swampletics would embarrass The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I talk no hyperbole when I say everyone playing Old School Runescape now has watched or heard of Swampletics.

As a regular viewer of the show, it's not hard to see why it is caught on. Settled has produced a customized game style that is both staggeringly restrictive and exceptionally inventive. His banking, trading, and geographic constraints force him to explore every corner of Morytania and leverage unconventional, and often overlooked techniques in order to achieve things most gamers take for granted.

It took him a couple hours to hit 15 Agility, a level most players knock out in moments through quests, and that is just one example on a long list of chilling grinds. A small milestone for the average participant is an enormous achievement for Settled, and watching him experimentation, gamble, and grind his way into success is completely attractive, like a mix of buy RuneScape gold Mythbusters and Survivorman filtered through among the earliest and most nostalgic MMOs around.