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Anyone in the world

Go to the South-West corner of OSRS gold Shilo Village and kill the level103 wild boar. Pick up the Possesed Crucial and return to Zanaris. Use the Key on the door and start it. Enter the portal and be ready to fight the king. Attack him with protect from magic, he'll throw fire wave and then drain your prayer quickly. Take the horn to Chaedler, who will then give you the Amulet.

The Final Fight. Return to the Pyramid with all of those Reamians, the Spheres, and the Amulet. Utilize each 1 to the Alter and select the push choice again. This time you will move the alter. Climb down the steps and try praying in the new change. Kill Him as quickly as possible and then pray at the Alter of Orien.

Okay that is How I think summoning could work. DO NOT FLAME ME FOR THIS! Okay, Summoning would be leveled up with buy RuneScape Mobile gold you purchasing an item ( considering something) which lets you catch certain creatures ( NOT MEN WOMAN etc.. I mean like little npcs ect.) Some thigns like women guys, dragons and such would not work though because pf dimensions, being a real thing human, you understand. You can capture certain things like racoons, such say lvl 12 summoning? Plus the items ( still working on it) will differ for different things too.