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by Bradford Hansen-Smith - Monday, 3 June 2013, 1:08 AM
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GEOMETRY is about the earth, measuring parts and comparing; earth measure is what this word means. Geometry is a useful study, but it needs to be updated to become more in align with our knowledge and understanding about the universe we live in.

Comprehensively geometry is WHOLEMOVEMENT. It is movement of the Whole; self-referencing, self-organizing, self-generating, and self-sustaining revealing an infinite number of time/space parts, each in proportional relationship giving context to all other parts.

We know about and are measuring our universe and the existences of other universes, now having the collective experience of being away from the earth. We are measuring inconceivable space distances and time segments that have no earth references. We now understand universes are dynamic in relationship to each other forming an expression of unity that is of a magnitude beyond any possibility of measuring, unity that belongs only to the Whole. It is time we look clearly at where we are right now, understanding the past has served as the means of getting us here. Where we go from here will take updated concepts and a vision forward with new definition and purpose.